Zizzi Calories 2022- All the Lowest Calorie Options to Pick

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It’s pasta and pizza night – and, if you’re heading to Zizzi’s to get your fix, then our guide to Zizzi calories is going to help you have a great night. Becky Scholes has found all the lowest-calorie choices at Zizzi’s so you can order and still stick to your calorie budget.

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How Healthy is Zizzi?

Zizzi is about delicious Italian food with a twist.

Since first opening in London over 20 years ago they’ve opened over 130 restaurants across the UK and Ireland.

Generally, they use fresh ingredients and it’s definitely possibly to eat healthily in Zizzi if you pick options based on vegetables sauces, smaller size pizzas or pick from the salads.

However…. lower calorie is more tricky.

When we first wrote this post, there were heaps of options on the Zizzi menu under 600 calories (the amount the NHS suggest as healthy for a main meal), including their Skinny Pizzas, that had a ring pizza base and a salad in the middle, but they – and many other options – seem to have vanished as I update this post in August 2022.

But, we’ll still pinpoint the lowest ones for you anyway…

Why Are We Still Doing These Posts

After all, the calories are now printed on most chain menus in the UK (although it is possible to order a calorie-free menu if anyone in your party would prefer that).

I admit, when I heard this was happening I figured there was no point in updating these posts, but people are still looking at them.

Plus, there’s some research that suggests that we tend to follow the herd when we’re eating out with friends. Whoever orders first sets the tone of the meal – and so, if you can walk in there with a shortlist of ideas to pick from already, that could be you!

So I figure, it’s pretty helpful to have someone finding that list for you, so we’ll keep updating them until you guys all go away!

The Absolute Lowest Calorie Meal at Zizzi UK

The lowest calorie meal on the Zizzi menu is the Super Zucca Salad at 315 calories.

While that’s a little bit low for a main meal, the fact that the salad mixes up butternut squash, goats cheese and lentils means it’s actually pretty balanced and likely to fill you up, so, if you’re in a salad mood, then go for it.

If you’re not, read on and we’ll give you some more suggestions.

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Lowest Calorie Rustica Pizza at Zizzi

Zizzi’s is well known for its Rustica Pizza, which is basically a normal pizza base but stretched bigger which results in a crispier texture and, best of all, more toppings.

Because it’s their ‘thing’ you can get pretty much all the normal Rustica pizza’s right now.

They are not, however, what you’d consider low calorie with the lowest being the Vegan Margherita Rustica at 895 calories, closely followed by the traditional Margherita Rustica at 896.

As each Rustica is cut into eight pieces you could have five of them for under 600 calories – so, it’s time to palm the extras off on your dining buddy, leave some on the side – or, even better, ask for a to go box and have the other three slices tomorrow for lunch with a huge salad for under 500 calories!

Lowest Calorie Classic Pizza at Zizzi

None of these pizzas are under our 600-calorie cut off, which I don’t think is a surprise for a whole pizza.

The lowest calorie is the Vegan Margherita at 708 calories – you’ll soon realise that Zizzi is a really good place to dine if you’re a vegan looking for the lowest calorie options!!!

If you really wanted a Classic Pizza but to stay under the 600 calories you could always share it with someone and couple it with a healthy side like the Mixed Leaf Salad (88 calories) or the Broccoli and Seasonal Greens (55 calories)

Or, get it with a to go box.

Stock image – not Zizzi

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Lowest Calorie Calzone at Zizzi

Well, I don’t think it’ll come as much of a surprise that the indulgent folded pizza, Calzone doesn’t come in anywhere near 600 calories. In fact, the closest to it is 1125 calories for the Calzone Carne Piccante.

Lowest Calorie Pasta at Zizzi

Normally, the pasta choices are Zizzi tip toward the higher calorie side of the menu, but right now, the Pasta section of the Zizzi menu has the best number of options under 600 calories.

The lowest of which is the King Prawn Linguine at 498 calories

You’ll find the other lower-calorie pasta choices on our at a glance list below… and yes, you can have the Bolognaise.

Stock image – not Zizzi

Lowest Calorie Lasagne

Is the fantastically named Vegan Rainbow Lasagne at 761 calories.

Lowest Calorie Risotto at Zizzi

Once upon a time all the risottos on the menu at Zizzi were under 600 calories – now, you’re lowest calorie choice just squeaks over at 612 calories – and that’s the Vegan All the Greens Risotto at 612 calories.

Lowest Calorie Meat and Fish Meal at Zizzi

Again, they’ve really cut back on the low calorie options on this part of the menu, now the lowest calorie choice is the Seared Salmon at 615 calories.

Lowest Calorie Salads

I’ve always really enjoyed the Salads at Zizzi UK, they’re filling and tasty but well balanced and lower in calories than many other options on the menu – and, as we said, the Super Zucca is the lowest calorie option on the menu.

Lowest Calorie Vegan Dish at Zizzi

As we said, you do pretty well if you’re a vegan wanting to eat low-calorie at Zizzi as you have a couple of options in the lower calorie range – but the lowest is the Vegan Rigatoni Pomodoro which has 553 calories

Lowest Calorie Gluten Free Choice

Zizzi have a great gluten free menu and of these, the current lowest calorie main dish option is the Non-Gluten Vegan Pomodoro Pasta at 596 calories.

Lowest Calorie Sides at Zizzi

If you’re looking to add a little something to your meal, maybe so you can split a pizza, the lowest calorie side at Zizzi UK is the Broccoli and Seasonal Greens at 55 calories a great way to get one of your five a day.

Lowest Calorie Dessert

If you wanted something sweet and very low calorie, you’d probably be best off looking in the next section, Gelato, however you can find a few lower calorie options in this section. The lowest of which is the Limoncello Tart at 337 calories.

Lowest Calorie Gelato

All of the options here are low in calorie. And you can have 1 scoop of any of the Gelato on the menu for under 100 calories, brilliant!

The lowest calorie are the Lemon or Strawberry Sorbets at 45 calories per scoop. A wonderful sweet treat to end a meal.

Zizzi Calories at a Glance

This is actually used to be a fairly decent sized list, but sadly that’s no longer the case! But still, here’s the list of options under 600 calories…

Main Meals under 400 calories

Super Zucca Salad – 315 calories

Main Meals under 500 calories

Chicken and Prosciutto Salad – 471 calories

King Prawn Linguine – 498 calories

Main Meals under 600 calories

Lentil Ragu – 500 calories

Rigatoni Pomodoro – 551 calories

Vegan Rigatoni Pomodoro – 553 calories

Non-Gluten Vegan Pomodoro Pasta – 596 calories

So, there is everything you need to know about eating at Zizzi UK. It’s a lot shorter than it used to be! But menus change regularly and, as we pointed out in our post summing up all the lowest calorie dishes to order from the chains, when they put calories on the menus in the US it actually saw more low calorie options be added, so maybe this will change soon.

If you do notice more options when you visit please let me know in the comments so I can come in and do an update.

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