Can You Eat Gluten Free at Greggs?

Admittedly, with all the bread, pastry and cakes to behold, Greggs might not be your first stop if you’re avoiding gluten for some reason, but if you do need to eat there for some reason, is there anything gluten-free at Greggs that you can eat – and, most importantly, do Greggs do a gluten-free sausage …

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Does Lemon Water Break a Fast?

If you’re trying an approach like intermittent fasting where you leave a long break between the last meal of your day and the first meal the next, you might be wondering what, if anything, you can consume in between and still get the health benefits fasting is said to provide. In this series, we’re looking …

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blue alarm clock on a white plate showing when it's time to break a fast

Does MCT Oil Break a Fast?

If you’re fasting to improve health or weight loss you might be wondering exactly what constitutes breaking your fast – and whether certain foods class as fast breakers or not? Well, we’re going to cover them in our ‘what breaks a fast’ series – and we’ll start with a super trendy addition to many people’s …

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