How To Run With Your Phone (and Not Get Injured!)

Whether you carry your phone while running to listen to music, for safety purposes or to track your distance and pace, if you don’t carry it correctly, you may find that it’s cramping your style. While there are lots of different ways in which you may properly run with your phone, many people choose to …

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How to Not Get Tired When Running

Are you getting tired when you’re running? It’s a common a problem – but it’s also one with a lot of different caues and solutions, so, check out our tips on how not to get tired when running – whether you’re a new runner or a seasoned pavement pounder. It was therefore time for a …

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woman using massage gun on her leg

What is Percussion Massage: The Benefits of a Massage Gun Explained

If you do any kind of activity – and talk about it on social media – chances are at some point the magic algorithm will have done its thing and you will have been shown an advert for a massage gun – leading you to wonder if you need one. We’re here to help explain what this type of therapy (known as percussive therapy or percussion massage) is – and the benefits of a massage gun, so you can decide.

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23 Ways to Make Walking Less Boring (We Promise)

Walking 10,000 steps is a great way to burn calories, get a basic level of fitness, get out and about and even extend your lifespan but let’s face it, walking 10,000 steps a day can also be REALLY boring. So, how do you liven things up – well, here’s 23 ideas for walking activities, and …

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Woman in grey leggings on spinning bike

How to Make Spinning More Comfortable: 11 Brilliant Expert Tips

It’s one of the facts of fitness, that spinning bikes can be very uncomfortable, so much so that you can find you’re not getting the best results from your workout. So, is there a way to change that? The answer is yes – we asked the experts how to make spinning more comfortable and they …

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