The Health Benefits of Horlicks – Explained

Many hot drinks can give us a bit of a health boost – tea does, coffee does (yes, despite what you might have read elsewhere coffee is healthy), green tea is practically a superfood – but what about Horlicks? Are there any health benefits of Horlicks to know about… let us explain.

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three pots of Horlicks Original drink lined up on a blue background

Is Horlicks Healthy? All Your Questions Answered

I’d kind of forgotten about Horlicks until a recent trip to the UK when I saw it in my mum’s cupboard. It reminds me of being little and drinking it before bed… but, as I tucked into a cup for old times’ sake, I started wondering is Horlicks healthy? And, what the heck is in it? And if you’ve wondered too, here’s the answer…

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Can You Eat Gluten Free at Greggs?

Admittedly, with all the bread, pastry, and cakes to behold, Greggs might not be your first stop if you’re avoiding gluten for some reason, but if you do need to eat there for some reason, is there anything gluten-free at Greggs that you can eat – and, most importantly, do Greggs do a gluten-free sausage roll? We checked the menu and the nutritional information to find out …

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