Low-Calorie Panda Express – 2024 Update – 12 Choices Under 600 Calories

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The Absolute Lowest-Calorie Entree at Panda Express

If you’re looking for a quick answer on what to order, here goes: the lowest-calorie entrees at Panda Express are the Super Greens at 45 calories and Broccoli Beef at just 150 calories.

Plate of beef and broccoli served on a white plate with chopsticks. Some egg rolls are in the background slightly out of focus.
Stock picture – not Panda Express

Add this to a half-and-half side of more Super Greens and Steamed White Rice (more on those in a minute), and you’re looking at 430 calories for a double combo meal – which is pretty excellent. Who’d have thought you could eat a substantial meal at Panda Express for under 500 calories?

And as you’ll find out, it’s not the only way to do that…

10 Next Lowest-Calorie Entrees at Panda Express

If you don’t feel like Broccoli Beef, there are a lot more low-calorie dishes at Panda Express to choose from, and these are the next lowest ten.

Wok-Fried Shrimp190 calories
Potato Chicken190 calories
Steamed Ginger Fish200 calories
String Bean Chicken Breast210 calories
Chili Crisp Shrimp210 calories
Black Pepper Angus Steak210 calories
Mushroom Chicken220 calories
Grilled Asian Chicken275 calories
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken275 calories
Black Pepper Chicken280 calories
If your favorite isn’t on that list, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat it for under 600 calories – if you pick a Bowl dish and Super Greens as your base, you can order any entree at Panda Express and still bring your meal in under 600 calories.

To check the exact calories in your favorite, though, head to the Panda Express Nutritional Information.

Chow Mein style dish with noodles, celery and onions on a black plate
Stock picture – not Panda Express

Low-Calorie Side Dishes at Panda Express

Sides matter at Panda Express, as you must add one to each meal. This adds to your calories, so you need to factor in the calories within them- and here are the best choices…

Side DishCalories
Super Greens90 calories
White Rice & Super Greens235 calories
Chow Fun & Super Greens250 calories
Brown Rice & Super Greens255 calories
Chow Mein & Super Greens300 calories
Fried Rice & Super Greens305 calories
White Steamed Rice380 calories

5 Other Calorie-Counting Tips for Panda Express

Normally, at this point in these posts, we use this section to adapt the foods in ways that make them able to fit into a low-calorie eating plan – but, with so many low-calorie options at Panda Express, you don’t have to do that, so we’ll use it for other tips instead.

Start with Soup

At 120 calories, the Hot and Sour Soup is the lowest calorie way to start your meal – and, as a bonus, people who start a meal with soup tend to eat fewer calories later in their meal as well.

Choose Beef

If you’re in a hurry, generally, the beef or steak-based entrees are the lowest calorie choices – this might surprise you as chicken tends to have a reputation as the lowest calorie choice, but it’s not always the case.

Add Greens to the Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken is Panda Expresses’ most famous meal – and at 490 calories a serving, you can eat it on a low-calorie plan – but to stick to under 600 calories, you’ll want to want to it as a bowl meal and pick the Super Greens as a base.

If You Want a Double Combo

Pick the Super Greens Base, and then you can combine almost any two of our top 10 low-calorie meals and still come in under 600 calories. Or, even under 500 calories if you pick, say Wok Fried Shrimp and Potato Chicken.

If you choose the next lowest base – White Rice and Super Greens you can pick Broccoli, Beef, and any dish under 215 calories as your second choice and be under 600 calories.

If You Want a Triple Combo

You can’t quite do it for under 600 calories – unless you double up your greens, but you can pick a Super Greens base, Broccoli Beef, Potato Chicken, and Wok Fried Shrimp for 620 calories. We won’t tell anyone about the extra 20 calories if you don’t!

Low Calorie, Healthy Options at Panda Express

If you’re watching other parts of your diet as well as calories, working on what to offer can be tricky – so let us make it easy with our guide to low-calorie and healthy choices in Panda Express.

Orange chicken style dish on a white plate. Chopsticks are being used to pick up one piece of the chicken.
Stock Picture – not Panda Express

The Lowest Sodium-Lowest Calorie Choice

The best choice for those watching both sodium and calories at Panda Express is the Sweet and Sour Chicken Breast – this has 300 calories, which is a little higher than many other choices, but it has just 260mg of sodium – considerably less than most other dishes.

Combine it with a Half and Half White Rice and SuperGreens base, which has 130mg of sodium, for a meal with a healthy 535 calories and just 390mg of sodium.

If you want to see what else you can order on the menu when cutting salt, check out our longer guide to eating low sodium at Panda Express.

The Lowest Fat-Lowest Calorie Choice

The lowest calorie and saturated fat choice to order is the Wok Fried Shrimp, which has just 190 calories and 1g of saturated fat.

Pick Steamed Brown Rice, Steamed White Rice, Super Greens, or Chow Fun, and your meal will still be under 600 calories – and contain no more than 2g of saturated fat.

The Lowest Sugar, Lowest Calorie Choice

A few dishes in Panda Express pack in sugar, but the Chilli Crisp Shrimp is not one of them – it has just 1g of sugar and only 210 calories.

When ordering your side dish, pick the Steamed White Rice, which has no added sugar, or the Brown Steamed Rice, which has just 1g of sugar but more fiber.

Sweet and sour pork dish with pineapple and red peppers served on a white plate
Stock image – not Panda Express

The Lowest Calorie Veggie Options at Panda Express

There are a couple of veggie options at Panda Express. But, for the lowest calorie choice pick, the Eggplant Tofu (240 calories) on a Super Greens Base – that’s 430 calories.

Obviously, to make things more filling, you could also pick any half-and-half base that still comes under 600 calories.

Lowest Calorie Gluten-Free Choice at Panda Express

Unfortunately, there are no gluten-free entrees at Panda Express.

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