Dominos Calories UK: What to Order Under 400,500 and 600 Calories

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If you’ve got a hankering for some pizza and you’re thinking of treating yourself to a Domino’s UK, then we know the feeling. But the real question is, how badly is this going to dent your diet plan?

In this guide to Dominos calories, by Louisa Smith, we’re going to reveal to you just how many calories are packed into those delicious meals and what the lowest calorie options are. That way, you don’t go setting off the Cal-O-Meter and your belly is satisfied.

Illustration of three pizzas with blue and red pizza boxes. A mint green oval above them reads Best Low Calorie Choices at Domino's UK

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Note, the calories here are specifically for UK Dominos. If you want to check out Domino’s in Australia, we’ve got a seperate post here for that one.

So, let’s cut to the chase… 

What’s the Lowest Calorie Meal at Dominos UK?

The lowest calorie meal at Dominos UK would be the small-sized Absolute Banger pizza with Delight Mozzarella and Italian Style Crust at a modest 282 calories.

For that calorie content, you can even afford to add a side dish to bulk up the calories.

If you want a personal pizza, then your lowest-calorie personal pizza would be the personal-sized Fiery Vegi Sizzler with delight mozzarella and a Classic Crust at 454 calories.

What Exactly is Delight Mozzarella?

Domino’s prides itself on being a company that caters to all – whether you’re looking for a gluten-free option or a vegan pizza, they will cater to you. But Delight Mozzarella is something they introduced to target those who are watching their weight.

It’s a 33% reduced-fat cheese, which lessens the number of calories consumed without lessening the taste. Mozzarella is made when you combine full-fat milk and skim milk together before it is pasteurised. With delight mozzarella, they simply add more skimmed milk instead of full-fat milk, and thus reducing the fat content.

Not only that, but delight mozzarella also has more protein than regular mozzarella. Win! 

For all the calorie options in this article, we are using Delight Mozzarella options as it’s the lowest in calories.

If you want to use normal cheese, it’s not too concerning – it only adds about 20-30 calories for three medium slices and about 50 calories to a Personal Pizza.

A Note About Your Base

As normal with pizza, Dominos offer a few different base options – and the one you choose, makes a big difference to your calories

As a general rule, Thin and Crispy is usually the lowest-calorie option.

Italian Crust is next lowest, then Classic Crust

Stuffed Crust and Double Decadance are the highest in calories – and they’ll add around 200-250 calories per 3 slices of a medium pizza.

If that’s not what you fancy though, then you’re going to delve deeper into the menu – but, before we help you out, you need to do a bit of housekeeping…

IF you’re also a fan of Pizza Hut, you might want to visit our guide to Pizza Hut calories once you’ve finished this one.

How to Calculate Domino’s Pizza Calories

The nutritional information provided by Dominos UK can be a little tricky to decipher, at first glance. You need to read the small print…so we have tried our best to explain the information provided to you in this article. 

First up, if you actually look at the information, ignore the first column… that’s per 100g which, unless you carry a set of scales around with you Hollywood Celebrity-style is not going to help you!

Instead, the numbers you want are the (usually higher) ones in column two.

But even these need some translation…

The calorie numbers you see for personal and small pizzas is the number of calories for the whole pizza. This is simple enough. 

However, the calorie number listed for medium and large pizzas is not the whole thing – it’s the number of calories for three slices. This means you will have to do a bit of maths if you feel like more than three slices.

Willpower alert! A medium pizza contains eight slices, and a large pizza contains twelve slices, so unless you’re sharing, or you’re good at saving leftovers for the morning, you may want to order a small or personal pizza.

So, here we go….

The Lowest Calorie Wrapzz at Dominos UK

A Wrapzz is basically a whole load of cheese and pizza-toppings folded up in a tortilla.

It might look snack-sized in the pictures but don’t be fooled – this is not your low-cal pizza alternative.

The lowest-calorie Wrapzz at Dominos UK is the Tandoori Hot wrap at a whopping 880 calories per serving.

The Vegi-Supreme is a close second at 886 calories per portion, but all other wraps come in above 1,000 calories per portion. 

Best Low-Calorie Vegetarian Option at Dominos UK

The lowest-calorie vegetarian option at Dominos UK would be three slices of the medium-sized Vegi Sizzler with Delight Mozzarella and a Thin and Crispy Crust at 319 calories.

However, if you would like a whole pizza to yourself, the lowest calorie option would be the personal-sized Vegi Sizzler with Delight Mozzarella and a Classic Crust at 456 calories. 

The medium-sized Four Vegi pizza with a Thin and Crispy Crust is also a good low-calorie option at 334 calories for three slices.

What is the Lowest Calorie Vegan Option at Dominos UK?

For Vegans, Dominos UK has been serving up the ​​Vegan-Friendly pizza range since January 2021. The Vegan Margherita and Vegan Vegi Supreme pizzas have been made using vegan dough and vegan cheese alternatives, while The Chick-Ain’t also uses a fake-meat alternative.

As a vegan, you can also enjoy the Garlic and Herb dip…BUT, it’s over 2,700 calories per portion, so maybe not.

For vegans, the lowest-calorie meal at Dominos UK is the large Vegan Margherita with Italian Style crust at 435 calories for three slices.

Unfortunately, there are no small or personal-sized pizzas for this range, but if it’s too much for you, you can always leave some leftovers for breakfast.

Are there Low-Calorie Gluten-Free Options at Dominos UK?

Unfortunately for those looking for gluten-free meals at Dominos UK, there isn’t a Gluten-free option that is below 700 calories.

The lowest-calorie Gluten-Free option at Dominos UK is the small sized Gluten-Free Vegi Supreme with Delight Mozzarella at 709 calories.

The Lowest Calorie Side Dish

The lowest calorie side dish at Dominos UK is, surprisingly, the fries at 139 calories per portion. If you want to mix it up and go for sweet potato fries, you would be looking at 179 calories per portion.

Potato Wedges are also a very nice low-calorie side dish at Dominos and come in at 145 calories per portion. The coleslaw is also 145 calories per portion.

Are there any Low-Calorie Dips at Dominos UK?

We all love the free Garlic and Herb dipping pot that comes with any meal at Dominos UK, but after it came under fire in September 2021 for containing more calories than two McDonalds cheeseburgers, you might be wondering if there is a dipping pot alternative that won’t pile on the calories?

Well, the lowest calorie dip at Dominos UK is the Frank’s Hot Dip at 100 calories per portion. This tangy, fiery flavour is the unique blend of aged cayenne peppers that have been used with Domino’s every popular hot wings. Sadly though, all other dips at Dominos are over 700 calories per serving – ouch!

Looking for other chain restaurant calories – check out our guide to where to find all the UK chain calories before your visit (and what the lowest calorie meal is for each of them) here.

Domino’s UK Calories at a Glance

Below you will find a list of choices using Delight Mozarella available at Dominos UK for under 600 calories…

Before you hop off excitedly to find your favourite though – some housekeeping

Because we want to showcase to you the lowest-calorie meals, below you will find the calorie numbers for small, personal, and medium pizzas only. Some crust types cannot be ordered in small or personal sizes, so where you see pizzas listed as ‘medium’, that is because it is the smallest size you can order. 

The calories shown for small and personal pizzas are for the whole pizza, whereas the number shown for medium pizzas is for three slices. To help you with your calculations, there are 8 slices in a medium pizza.

And finally, because we know you want the lowest calorie options, all of the below dishes are with the delight mozzarella cheese. Except of course the vegan options, which have their own special vegan cheese.

Remember, if your favourite isn’t listed below, you’ll find the calories in the full at Dominos Nutritional Info.

Under 400 calories

Absolute Banger, Italian Style Crust (small) – 282 calories

Fiery Vegi Sizzler, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 305 calories

Vegi Sizzler, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 306 calories

Vegi Classic, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 308 calories

Vegi Supreme, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 318 calories

Four Vegi, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 321 calories

Tandoori Sizzler, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 329 calories

Ham & Pineapple, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 333 calories

Farmhouse, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 334 calories

Hot & Spicy, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 334 calories

Dominos Tandoori Hot, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 334 calories

Tuna Supreme, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 344 calories

Hawaiian, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 337 calories

Original Cheese and Tomato, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 347 calories

Veg-a-Roma, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 348 calories

Buffalo Chicken, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 351 calories

Absolute Banger, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 372 calories

Chicken Feast, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 372 calories

Vegi Volcano, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 385 calories

Under 500 calories

Texas BBQ, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 404 calories

The Cheeseburger, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 405 calories

American Hot, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 408 calories

Full House, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 410 calories

Deluxe, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 415 calories

Bacon Double Cheese, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 418 calories

Mixed Grill, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 418 calories

Mexican Hot, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 423 calories

New Yorker, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 424 calories

Meatilicious, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 426 calories

Catalan Chicken and Chorizo, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 429 calories

Vegan Margherita – Italian Style (large) – 435 calories

The Sizzler, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 439 calories

Meatzza Pizza, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 442 calories

Vegan Vegi Supreme – Italian Style (large) – 446 calories

Mighty Meaty, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 451 calories

Tandoori Sizzler, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 452 calories

Meat Lovers, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 453 calories

Fiery Vegi Sizzler, Classic Crust (personal) – 454 calories

Vegi Sizzler, Classic Crust (personal) – 456 calories

Vegi Classic, Classic Crust (personal) – 458 calories

Vegi Supreme, Classic Crust (personal) – 467 calories

Four Vegi, Classic Crust (personal) – 473 calories

Americano, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 475 calories

Tandoori Sizzler, Classic Crust (personal) – 478 calories

Original Cheese and Tomato, Classic Crust (personal) – 479 calories

Dominos Tandoori Hot, Classic Crust (personal) – 480 calories

Farmhouse, Classic Crust (personal) – 481 calories

Ham & Pineapple, Classic Crust (personal) – 481 calories

Hot & Spicy, Classic Crust (personal) – 482 calories

Hawaiian, Classic Crust (personal) – 484 calories

Pepperoni Passion, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 487 calories

House Special, Tandoori Chicken, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 488 calories

Meatball Marinara, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 489 calories

Ranch BBQ, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 493 calories

Tuna Supreme, Classic Crust (personal) – 494 calories

Veg-a-Roma, Classic Crust (personal) – 497 calories

Buffalo Chicken, Classic Crust (personal) – 499 calories

Under 600 calories

Scrummy, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 503 calories

Vegan Margherita (medium) – 511 calories

Vegan Vegi Supreme (medium) – 514 calories

Chicken Feast, Classic Crust (personal) – 515 calories

Meateor, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 517 calories

Fiery Vegi Sizzler, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 518 calories

Vegi Sizzler, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 519 calories

Vegi Volcano, Classic Crust (personal) – 520 calories

Vegi Classic, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 521 calories

Vegi Supreme, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 531 calories

New Yorker, Classic Crust (personal) – 538 calories

Deluxe, Classic Crust (personal) – 540 calories

Dominos Tandoori Hot, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 547 calories

The Cheeseburger, Classic Crust (personal) – 548 calories

Hawaiian, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 550 calories

The Meatfielder, Thin and Crispy Crust (medium) – 550 calories

Tuna Supreme, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 557 calories

Original Cheese and Tomato, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 560 calories

The Sizzler, Classic Crust (personal) – 562 calories

Mighty Meaty, Classic Crust (personal) – 579 calories

Mixed Grill, Classic Crust (personal) – 582 calories

Veg-a-Roma, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 583 calories

Chicken Feast, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 585 calories

Four Vegi, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 534 calories

Absolute Banger, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 535 calories

Mexican Hot, Classic Crust (personal) – 541 calories

American Hot, Classic Crust (personal) – 547 calories

Farmhouse, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 547 calories

Ham & Pineapple, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 547 calories

Hot & Spicy, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 547 calories

Buffalo Chicken, Stuffed Crust (medium) – 564 calories

Fiery Vegi Sizzler, Double Decadence Crust (medium) – 566 calories

Meatzza Pizza, Classic Crust (personal) – 571 calories

Texas BBQ, Classic Crust (personal) – 579 calories

Bacon Double Cheese, Classic Crust (personal) – 580 calories

Full House, Classic Crust (personal) – 581 calories

Catalan Chicken and Chorizo, Classic Crust (personal) – 582 calories

Vegan The Chick-Ain’t (medium) – 586 calories

Ham & Pineapple, Double Decadence Crust (medium) – 590 calories

Farmhouse, Double Decadence Crust (medium) – 595 calories

Meat Lovers, Classic Crust (personal) – 595 calories

The final cut…

So there you have it, all the low calorie, and not so low calorie, options at Dominos UK. 

While they have made real strides with introducing healthier options with fresh ingredients and delight mozzarella, if you’re watching your waistline we wouldn’t recommend ordering more than a couple of slices.

If that’s not going to work for you, we would definitely recommend sharing a pizza with friends or saving slices for the next day as you’ll have more options to choose from. 

Besides, cold pizza for breakfast is delicious.

Have a slice day!

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