About The Wellness Nerd

So, you’ve arrived on the blog and you’re wondering who is behind it.

That’s me….below running a half marathon around Disneyland wearing a tiara….you could just stop there really, but if you want to know more about my background in relation to this healthy stuff….

Who Is The Wellness Nerd?

My name is Helen Foster and I’m a health journalist with over 20 years experience. I am also the author of 17 published books on nutrition and wellness.


As a Health Journalist

The publications I have written for include…

Newspaper health sections including: Body & Soul at The Sunday Telegraph Australia, Good Health in the Daily Mail UK, The Telegraph, The Observer, The Independent, The Daily Express, and The Mirror.

Magazines including Women’s Health – UK and Australia, Good Health Australia, Reader’s Digest – Australia and UK, Runner’s World, Top Sante, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Red, Stylist, Marie Claire, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Sainsbury’s magazine – and many, many more.

I have been Health Editor of Woman’s Own magazine in the UK, the health section editor of Cosmopolitan UK, the news editor at Slimming World magazine and the nutrition editor at Best magazine.

You can see more examples of my work at my professional webpage.

As an Author

I’ve also written 17 books – some of which you’ll find in The Bookstore

They include the bestselling Easy Gi Diet, The High Fat Diet, The Macro Method, Quit Alcohol (For a Month), Dejunk Your Life, The Weekend Off Diet and Eat 5.

My first e-book Gym-spiration: 52 Ways To Wake Up Your Workout aims to help bored exercisers worldwide. You can also see more on my Amazon Author Page. 

Professional Associations

I’m currently a member of the UK Guild of Health Writers and the Australasian Medical Writers Association.

When I was based in the UK I was also a member of the Fitness Writers Association and the Medical Journalist’s Association.

I have won a couple of writing awards – one for my journalism, and one for this blog under its past name of Health-e-Helen.

In life, I’ve done over 25 half marathons and a couple of full ones. Right, now I spend a lot of time at the gym! I eat fast (and steadily). I was brought up in the UK but I’m now based in Sydney which makes me very happy. I waffle…..a lot.

Where Does The Information on TWN Come From?

Doctors, scientists, dietitians, nutritionists and a lot of time on PubMed!

I love research. I want to know how, why, what, or when things happen in our body – and most of the posts on this blog begin with one of those words.

To find these things out, I spend my day reading medical papers and interviewing scientists, doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, and other wellness experts.

What that means is that everything you read on this blog comes with a basis in science, fact, and credible expert knowledge.

It’s either directly from an interview with an expert, in which case you’ll see them quoted, or, comes from the same level of journalistic research I use when I write for trusted publications like Women’s Health or Reader’s Digest.

Articles without expert input, that require more than just crunching data like calories, fat or sodium levels, are also now run through expert checkers. See more about our editorial accuracy process and how articles are checked here.

In fact, until July 2022 the blog was called Not Your Normal Health Blog and I changed the name because I felt it was giving the wrong impression at a time where a lot of health misinformation was rife. Plus, the new one sums up my life so….

So What Does Being Healthy Mean To Me?

Well, it means eating your vegetables (even the evil ones like carrots) because this world’s amazing and, personally, I want to be blatting around it having fun for as long as I possibly can – and if eating well increases the chances of doing that then bring on the salad.

I exercise partly because it chills me out – but also because when I’m at karaoke I want to be able to sing Mr Brightside and jump and down without getting out of breath and I need to be fit to do that.

It’s not all about green juices and $200 leggings – although I do admit that the Lululemon Sports Bra I tested was a thing of beauty!


The Business Bit

If you’re interested in getting in touch regarding products to review, sponsored posts, guest posts or for any other reason, please email me at helen@thewellnessnerd.com.

For full details on other opportunities to work with The Wellness Nerd, please see the Business Page – Please note, I don’t offer paid for do-follow links.