Don’t Make This Mascara Mistake

You know sleeping in your makeup isn’t the best choice for your skin, but it’s also not a good idea for the health of your eyes. Trust us, you’ll never sleep in your make-up again after reading this!

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The Lowest Sodium Choices At Jimmy John’s

Fancy a delicious sandwich but on a low-sodium diet. No problem. We’ve scoured Jimmy John’s menu and found the best dishes you can pick if you need to follow a low-sodium plan. Plus, if you’re trying to make your diet healthier in other ways, we’ve not only found the lowest sodium menu items at Jimmy John’s, but we’ve also found the best low-salt choices for those who aren’t eating meat or are watching calories, or cutting back on fat or sugar.

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Close up of a square style hamburger in a bun with cheese, lettuce, and tomato

The Lowest Sodium Choices In Wendy’s

If you’ve been trying to reduce your salt intake, you might now wonder what you can and can’t eat at Wendy’s and stay on track. We know the answer. Check out our guide to the lowest sodium items on the Wendy’s menu. Plus, we’ve also found some other healthy options at Wendy’s that cut both salt and elements like saturated fat, sugar, or calories.

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