Guzman y Gomez Calories 2023: The 17 Best Choices For You to Pick

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If you’re wanting quick, easy, Mexican food in Australia, Guzman y Gomez is one of the best chains to visit. They pride themselves on their ingredients, you can customise things to pick what you like best, and, if you’re watching your calories you can adjust your order to keep things on the low side. However, to do that you have to know your way around the list of Guzman y Gomez calories…which is where we come in.

We’ve gone through the Guzman y Gomez nutritional information (we’re updating this in March 2023) and picked out the lowest calorie options so you can go in there with a plan.

Also, if you’re like me and work in calories rather than kilojoules you also don’t have to divide the instore information by 4.2 while a queue of hungry people tut behind you.

Oh, and if you do think in kilojoules, the lowest calorie option is also the lowest kj one so you can still take the advice that follows.

So, let’s start with the big question

What’s the Lowest Calorie Dish in Guzman y Gomez?

Not surprisingly, the absolute lowest-calorie meal is a salad – specifically, it’s the Mild Pulled Pork Salad – and it has just 283 calories – including the Chipotle Mayonnaise.

That’s actually a bit low for a main meal – which should be around 600 calories if you’re not watching your weight, a bit less if you are, so you might actually want to add something to to it like a $3 Taco – the Mild Ground Beef has just 166 calories, while the Spicy Ground Beef is 173.

It also doesn’t allow for adding extra sour cream, cheese or guac – we’ll get to what happens if you add those in a minute!

I say that’s the lowest calorie meal as there are some other slightly lower-calorie dishes on the menu.

Guzmn y Gomez soft taco served on 'newspaper'

The Mild Grilled Chicken Soft Flour Tacos are only 194 calories each and the hard ones are slightly less at 193 calories, which is why they’re also a great choice to add to the salad. Or have a couple to make a meal on their own.

You could add a side of Vegetarian Black Beans for another 154 calories and have a pretty good light meal for under 350 calories. Oooh, I think I have a new meal choice to try.

But what if you don’t want either of those? How many calories are in your other GYG favourites? Let’s look at some of the other menu options but first, let’s quickly cover another important question…

Is Guzman & Gomez Healthy?

Generally, yes they are.

The ingredients are fresh and you can easily choose to make your meal lower in saturated fat by removing things like sour cream or cheese and picking lower-fat proteins like chicken or sauteed vegetables (note, the shredded mushroom is not the lowest fat choice on the menu).

Steer clear of the desserts and you’re also looking at meals low in sugar.

As with most fast food, dishes can be high in sodium, so, if you’re watching your salt levels you’re going to need to be a bit careful about that. The enchiladas particularly contain more than the suggested amount of 2000mg sodium for the day.

The Other Guzman y Gomez Calories…

Now, before we move on a bit of housekeeping. I first wrote this post in June 2020 when GYG included the calories of their mini versions on their nutritional information.

As I update it in March 2023, they don’t do that any more so, the mini calories are from 2020 – however, the calories per se have barely shifted between the two updates – the changes year to year are more in additions and deletions from the menu, so I think you’re okay to go with the older numbers.

Lowest Calorie Burrito Bowls

This is my go-to Guzman y Gomez choice when I’m watching my calories – I figure that leaving out the tortilla wrap must save me some calories – and it does.

The lowest calorie Burrito Bowl in GYG is the Mini Mild Grilled Chicken at 410 calories (ramp it up to Regular and you’re looking at 663).

One odd thing I’m seeing – the spicier the option the more calories it contains. Not many, just under 20 difference between spicy and mild for a regular size but I’m surprised it makes a difference. It looks like the spicy options use a little more fat.

Anyway, I digress…let’s move to the next option, burritos.

Lowest Calorie Burritos in GYG

These are my favourite Guzman y Gomez dish and I’m pleased to see that if I do opt for one I’m not doing too much damage – it seems that adding a wrap to a mini-serve only adds 44 calories (or about 114 calories if you go regular) over picking the burrito bowl. You can walk that off in about 10 minutes!!!

Guzman y Gomez burrito with a bite taken out
Taste great – photograph horribly!

Again, the Mild Grilled Chicken is your lowest calorie variants – I suppose because of the way that the dishes in Guzman y Gomez are prepared there isn’t going to be a huge variation between the toppings, only how you have them prepared.

So, to give you your at a glance guide, you’re looking at 454 calories for the mini Mild Grilled Chicken Burrito (but a much higher 777 for the regular).

If you don’t want chicken, then your next lowest calorie filling for a burrito is Mild Shredded Mushrooms – a regular burrito with this is 797 calories.

Lowest Calorie Cali Burrito

‘It’s fries in a Burrito’ is the tagline for this dish – add to the fact that it also comes with guacamole and not surprisingly, the Cali Burritos are higher in calories than the standard one – and, if you’re looking for the lowest calorie options generally at GYG, their probably best avoided!

They also seem to have increased slightly in calories since the last update

Then, the Mini Grilled Chicken Cali Burrito had 579 calories – just 135 less than the standard. But now, the normal sized Grilled Chicken Cali Burrito has 971 calories which is a lot more than before.

However, Grilled Chicken is NOT your lowest calorie option this time, that prize goes to the Mild Sauteed Vegetables with Guacamole which has just 528 calories (although it’s a bit more substantial 871 for the regular size).

To explain why, let’s look at our next entry – the Guzman y Gomez Nacho calories.

Plate of nachos topped with jalapenos, salsa and beans
Not GYG Nachos

Lowest Calorie Nachos in GYG

Okay, gooey magnificence on top of corn chips is never going to be a super low-calorie food so let’s just accept that before we talk numbers!

And again, like with the Cali Burrito, the lowest calorie option for the nachos is the Mild Sauteed Vegetables with Guacamole.

I’m guessing that’s because, with the burrito options, guac is an extra with the meat-based proteins, but comes as standard with the veggies bumping up the calories (albeit it with mostly healthy fat).

Because the Nachos come with gauc on all their options the lower calories of the veggies come into play. A mini serve of the Mild Sauteed Vegetables is 502 calories (the regular is 1010. Gulp!).

Basically, as a general GYG nutrition rule – if the dish comes with guacamole included, veggies are your lowest calorie choice, if it doesn’t, head towards the chicken option

Lowest Calorie Nacho Fries

Again, they’re not screaming low calorie at me from the description, but weirdly, they are slightly lower in calories than the original nachos.

The Mild Sauteed Veggies and Guacamole option has just 480 calories (regular is 919).

Lowest Calorie Enchilada

Sorry those who like their Mexican swimming in goo (me) – the enchilada option is the most calorific way of having your Guzman y Gomez goodness as it comes with all the good stuff – sour cream, guac, melted cheese and corn chips.

If you’re going to go for it though, our old favourites the Mini Mild Grilled Chicken Enchilada is lowest at 638 calories (the regular is 1120!).

Lowest Calorie Quesadilla

Considering it contains cheese, I wouldn’t have thought that this would be a low-calorie option, but, it’s not that bad.

The Mild Cheese Quesadilla is your lowest calorie choice and it has just 378 calories.

If you want your Quesadilla with goo on the top – and why wouldn’t you – then, you’re going for the Quesadilla plus.

The added guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo add around 158 calories from the basic version.

Because this option doesn’t offer the Mild Cheese version, then you’re looking at the Mild Chicken Quesadilla Plus at 536 calories.

Other Salads in GYG

As we said, the Mild Pulled Pork Salad is the absolute lowest calorie choice in Guzman y Gomez, but what if you don’t eat pork?

Well, frankly, order anything you like on the salad menu and you can’t go wrong. Everything on it is under 390 calories.

The Lowest Calorie Veggie Option

If you’re veggie or vegan and eating at Guzman y Gomez, you’re going to be deciding between the Sauteed Veggies or the Shredded Mushroom as your filling – and generally, choosing the Mild version of the Sauteed Vegetables is always your lowest choice.

After this, it comes down to the type of meal you choose.

So, in this case, if you want to try the lowest calorie option then you need to order the Mild Sauteed Vegetable with Guacamole Salad which has just 332 calories.

Again, that’s a bit too low, so you might want to think about adding one of the Hard or Soft Tacos – here though, your lowest choice is the Sauteed Mushrooms Tacos which contain 219 and 221 calories respectively.

If you’re looking for something more filling, try the Mini Mild Veggie Burrito Bowl which has 422 calories (upsize to regular and you’re looking at 690 calories).

Do note though, if you’re ordering veggie thinking it’s likely to be the lowest calorie option in GYG, it’s not always – generally the chicken is the lower calorie choice.

What About Sides and Tweaks?

As I said, one of the reasons why Guzman and Gomez is a good choice when you’re trying to slim is that you can pick what you want in your dish – and leave out some of the more calorific options.

Now I admit, they don’t give the calories of absolutely everything on their nutrition facts – I can’t, for example, tell you how many calories are in the rice they scoop on, but, if I’m not super hungry, I’ll skip that and the cheese – the black beans are my favourite anyway.

To cut back on things further, you can do the same. So, when you’re ordering, ask yourself what are you really craving? And if it’s not cheese or a wrap, then choose to leave those off today’s order.

It’s also clear to see that if you can bring yourself to order a mini portion rather than a regular, you’ll be able to satisfy your GYG craving without considerably fewer calories.

That might sound like a statement from the school of obvious but I’ll admit, until I wrote this and I looked at the exact number, I didn’t think it would make THAT much difference. I’ll now definitely swap to the smaller size.

I do, however, love Sour Cream and Guacamole – which do add a whack of calories back on – an extra side serving of guac adds 165 calories, one of sour cream is 167. If you’re more a gooey cheese fan, a small plain Queso adds just 97.

Chips, Chips and More Chips

If you prefer your sides chip shaped, your best option is a side of Corn Chips with Medium Pico de Gallo which is 537 calories.

I’m a sucker for corn chips. My meal doesn’t feel complete without them – another selling point for the Guzman and Gomez Burrito Bowl is that it comes with 4-5 corn chips – that’s enough to satisfy my craving.

So there you have it – a full list of the lowest calorie options at Guzman and Gomez. If I haven’t talked about your favourite you can find all the GYG Nutrition facts you need here.

You’ll also find fat count, saturated fat count and sodium levels as, after all, it’s not just the number of calories in a dish that makes it healthy.

Oh, and the US Guzman and Gomez calories are slightly different. If you’re looking for those, you’ll need to click here.

Do You Want Fries With That?

If it’s not fast food without a serve of fries in your world, then pick the Medium Chipotle Seasoned Fries for 358 calories.

Let’s not talk about the Queso Fries in a piece on cutting your calories at GYG, but, a Plain portion has 731 calories!

So there you go, Guzman and Gomez calories made easy for you.

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