Zambrero Calories: 26 Choices Under 400 Calories

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Zambrero stands alongside Mad Max and Guzman y Gomez as one of the main Mexican chain restaurants in Australia. Like its rivals it lets you pick your type of dish – burrito, bowl, quesadilla etc – and add your own selection of fillings – but, within this remit, what are the lowest calorie options in Zambrero that you can pick? Our guide to Zambrero calories reveals all…

Updated in January 2024 with the latest Zambrero Nutritional Information

Illustration of three servings of quesadilla. Above them is a mint green oval reading 'Best Low Calorie Choices at Zambrero'

Is Zambrero Healthy?

The chain’s motto is Feel Good Mex – and, the fact that they were started by a medical student, Dr Sam Prince (check out his full story here), looking for healthy Mexican means it’s a given that they’re going to do their best to try and serve food that’s good for you.

But their name is not just a comment on the health of their food, it also reflects the fact that Zambrero does a lot of good for charity.

In fact, their Plate 4 Plate initiative means that when you buy a meal, their partner Rise Against Hunger donates a meal to someone somewhere else in the world who needs it – which means whatever you eat does someone else good.

But, if you want to do yourself good as well, here’s what to order.

The Lowest Calorie Meal in Zambrero

Is the small-sized Cauliflower Classic Bowl without extra sauce – which comes in at 262 calories (1100kj) per serving.

If you want extra sauce, then your best choice is Trezigo sauce which adds 12-24 calories depending on the size of the meal it’s added to.

That’s a bit low for a main meal (400-600 calories is better), so you might want to swap to the Small Signature Bowl with Cauliflower which, has 387 calories (and will reach 400 with sauce) – or add one of the other small dishes like the Cauliflower Hard Taco (185 calories)

Calories in Zambrero Sauces

It might seem strange that Zambrero lists their dishes without sauce, but the one you choose can make a big difference – especially on the larger dishes. Here’s how the choices pan out… the first numbers are when they are added to a small-size item, and the middle is on a burrito, bowl or nachos. The last is if you have them served with chips.

Trezigo Sauce12-23-59 calories
Red Chilli14-28-71 calories
Secret BBQ15-30-76 calories
Verde17-34-86 calories
Garlic44-89-222 calories
Chipotle49-98-246 calories
Basilo51-102-255 calories

If you’re a Mexican food fan, you might also want to have a look at our guides to the calories in Guzman y Gomez .

We’ve also covered the yumminess of Mad Mex – and were amazing to find out how few calories were in our favourite dish! See more about that here.

Tacos and Quesadillas

If you really want to keep calories low, this is the section of the menu to pick from.

Their relatively small size, plus the fact that they don’t contain rice, beans or guacamole makes them naturally lower in calories and no matter which option you pick you won’t consume more than 309 calories (1292kj) – that’s in the Barbacoa Beef Dos Capas (without sauce) which combines both a hard and soft taco, your choice of filling and a smidge of cheese and sour cream.

As I said, the Vegetarian Quesadilla is absolutely the lowest calorie option to pick, but the Cauliflower Hard Taco has just 185 calories (773kj) and the Chicken and Pork ones aren’t too much higher at 212 calories each (885kj).

Calories in Zambrero Bowls

If you have a bigger appetite, the bowls offer the lowest calorie for their portion size on the Zambrero menu.

If you’re looking for absolutely the lowest calorie bowl in Zambrero, the Classic Small Bowl with Cauliflower is it at 262 calories (1100kj).

Zambrero Burritos Calories

There’s two types of Burrito at Zambrero and the Classic is the lowest calorie choice. These have gone up in calories since I first wrote this. Originally, all of these – except the vegetarian burrito – contained 500 calories or less. Now only the small-sized Classic Cauliflower Burrito does. It has 469 calories (1960kj).

But how much extra damage is there from ordering a larger size?

You’re looking at around 260 calories (966kj) more ordering a normal sized, Classic Burrito with meat, or 213 calories (823kj) more on the Cauliflower option.

Why Are Veggie Burritos So High?

The Vegetarian burritos are the highest-calorie burritos at Zambrero. Which you might not expect as, vegetables are usually low-calorie!

However, the Vegetarian Burritos use higher quantities of beans, guac and rice than the other burritos which is why they stack up the calories.

Image of the exterior of a Zambrero restaurant in Australia

How bad is it – erm. the Vegetarian Classic Burrito has a whopping 863 calories (3606kj). Stick with the smaller size, or pick the Cauliflower option.

From what I can work out, burrito calories do not contain additional extras like sour cream or cheese. If you add those it’s obviously going to add more.

Calories in Nachos, Chips and Dip

Your lowest calorie choice here is the Chips and Zam Spice at 336 calories.

It’s probably not going to surprise anyone to discover that nachos, with their delicious topping trifecta of cheese, sour cream and guacamole, are not diet food!

Again, the cauliflower is your lowest choice of topping. A Small Cauliflower Nachos has 443 calories (1850kj). The Barbacoa Beef option is the highest at 521 calories (2180kj) – the others all hover in between.

What’s 500 Calories or Less in Zambrero?

Here are your choices in order from lowest to highest…

20 Choices at 300 Calories or Less

This is a bit too low for a main meal so you’ll need to combine some dishes

Cauliflower Hard Taco185 calories
Cauliflower Soft Taco195 calories
Vegetarian Hard Taco207 calories
Pork Hard Taco212 calories
Chicken Hard Taco212 calories
Vegetaran Soft Taco217 calories
Chicken Soft Taco222 calories
Lamb Hard Taco222 calories
Pork Soft Taco223 calories
Beef Hard Taco224 calories
Lamb Soft Taco232 calories
Beef Soft Taco235 calories
Cauliflower Classic Bowl (small)262 calories
Cauliflower Dos Capas270 calories
Vegetarian Dos Capas292 calories
Chicken Classic Bowl (small)296 calories
Pork Classic Bowl (small)296 calories
Chicken Dos Capas297 calories
Pork Dos Capas297 calories

6 Choices at Under 400 Calories

Lamb Dos Capas306 calories
Lamb Classic Bowl (small)308 calories
Beef Dos Capas309 calories
Beef Classic Bowl (small)311 calories
Cauliflower Signature Bowl (small)387 calories
Cauliflower Classic Bowl 397 calories

16 Choices at 500 Calories or Less

Vegetarian Classic Bowl (small)410
Chicken Signature Bowl (small)420
Pork Signature Bowl (small)421
Lamb Signature Bowl (small)432
Beef Signature Bowl (small)436
Cauliflower Nachos443
Chicken Classic Bowl465
Pork Classic Bowl466
Cauliflower Quesadilla468
Cauliflower Burrito Small469
Lamb Classic Bowl489
Vegetarian Signature Bowl (small)490
Vegetarian Quesadilla492
Beef Classic Bowl 496
Chicken Nachos (small)496
Vegetarian Quesadillaa497
Vegetarian Nachos (small)497

So there you go. Your guide to Zambrero calories and the lowest options you can pick. If I didn’t give an exact calorie count for your favourite, you’ll find the Zambrero Nutritional Information here.

IF you want to know what offerings in Zambrero are gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan, then you need this chart here.

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  1. Zambrero have updated their nutritional information in November 2020 and the power bowl calories have reduced significantly (but classic bowl haven’t). Do you know why?

    • Thanks for letting me know. From what I can work out, they’ve removed the seeds – the description on the front of the website is the same, but if you go into the ‘what’s included’ section it looks like they’ve removed the amaranth seeds. I’ll go through and update any that need changing in the next day or two.


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