The Healthiest Low-Sodium Choices at Guzman Y Gomez

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If you’ve been asked to cut back on your salt/sodium intake, but want to indulge in the delicious Mexican yumminess that is Guzman and Gomez, what’s the best things for you to order. We’ve checked the menu to find out…

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As I’m sure you know if you’re here looking for low sodium options, excessive salt can be bad for your health.

In fact, it’s suggested that we eat no more than 2000mg of sodium a day (although if your doctor has told you to stay lower than that go with their suggestion) – and, when you’re eating out of the house, particularly in the more yummy fast food chains, even just one dish can often contain that much!

So, if you want to eat out it’s good to know how much sodium the dishes in your favourite places contain – and that’s where we come in.

We’ll pinpoint the overall lowest sodium choices at Guzman y Gomez, but also pinpoint some of the healthy options if you’re also watching some other elements of your diet like calories, fat or sugar.

The Absolute Lowest Sodium Choice at GYG

The full meal with the least sodium in Guzman and Gomez is the Mild Grilled Chicken Salad which has 611mg of sodium per serving.

Or, you could also pick two Mild Ground Beef $3 Tacos for just 310mg (155mg each) which is pretty good.

Another good choice would be Grilled Chicken Hard Tacos for 324mg each (648mg per meal).

If you’re not feeling those choices though, the lowest sodium options generally are found in the Salad and Quesadilla parts of the menu. And, within those, here are the next ten best choices you can make.

Other Good Low Sodium Dishes

Mild Sauteed Veg with Gauc Salad637mg
Mild Slow Cooked Beef Salad644mg
Mild Ground Beef Salad660mg
Mild Cheese Quesadilla686mg
Mild Pulled Pork Salad740mg
Spicy Grilled Chicken Salad777mg
Spicy Sauteed Veg with Gauc Salad803mg
Spicy Slow Cooked Beef Salad810mg
Mild Slow Cooked Beef Quesadilla839mg
Mild Sauteed Veg with Gauc Quesadilla842mg

Low Sodium – And Other Diet Choices

If you’re also watching calories, sugar or fat as part of your healthy eating regime, then, you might be looking for some guidance on what you can order that helps with that – and keeps your sodium levels low – and, so here’s what you need to know

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The Lowest Calorie, Low-Sodium Choice

The absolute lowest calorie meal you can order in Guzman and Gomez is the Mild Pulled Pork Salad – this has 283 calories and 740mg of sodium.

Because that’s actually slightly too low in calories for a main meal (400 is really the minimum calories you should aim for), you’d actually be better off picking a slightly higher calorie choice with less sodium like the Mild Grilled Chicken Salad – as we said, this has 611mg of sodium and 306 calories (still a bit low, but you could add something like a banana for afterwards).

The Lowest Sodium Veggie Choice

You’d think you’d be picking the super healthy option sticking to the vegetarian options in most places, but actually, the Shredded Mushroom is the highest sodium filling at GYG.

If you’re picking a veggie choice therefore, choose the Sauteed Vegetables and Guacamole.

And the lowest sodium way to serve these is as a salad – which has 637mg of sodium.

Or you can choose the same filling in a Quesadilla for 839mg of sodium.

The Lowest Fat and Sodium Choice

It’s quite common to be told to reduce your saturated fat intake alongside your sodium – and if that’s the case for you, then it’s probably no big surprise, that you’re looking toward ordering that Mild Grilled Chicken Salad again.

This has just 2.7g of saturated fat and 611mg of sodium.

If you’re not a chicken salad fan, your next choice would be the Mild Pulled Pork Salad which has 2.9g saturated fat and 740mg of sodium.

The Lowest Sugar, Low Sodium Choice

We’re increasingly waking up to how bad sugar is for our health – and so, if you’ve decided to cut back on sugar and salt, what should you order at Guzman y Gomez?

Obviously, the two salads we’ve mentioned before – Mild Grilled Chicken and Mild Pulled Pork, don’t contain too much sugar – 4.1g and 3.9g respectively – but, surprisingly, they aren’t the lowest sugar choices.

Instead, you could pick two hard tacos with Mild Grilled Chicken. They have just 1.7g of sugar and 324g of sodium each.

Or, go for the Mild Cheese Quesadilla which has 2.1g of sugar and 686mg of sodium.

Of course, there are veggies in the salad and everyone who is watching their sodium intake should also eat more fruit and vegetables – but, we’re just here to give you the options!

Spice Up Your Life

You’ll notice that all of the dishes we suggest here are mild. That’s because, there’s slightly more sodium in the Spicy Versions of all these dishes – so, there’s obviously more salt in the flavouring that they use.

On average you’ll add about 80mg of sodium to a dish if you choose the spicy version over the mild.

That’s still fewer than adding extra heat via extra salsa though. A Medium side serving of Pica de Gallo has 272mg!

So, there you have it. How to eat at Guzman Y Gomez when you’re watching your sodium intake. I hope it helped make things a bit easier for you.

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