Lowest Mad Mex Calories: 21 Choices Under 500 Calories

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Mmmmm, Mad Mex – goey yumminess with hot sauce all wrapped up in a big floury burrito accompanied by crunchy chips with spicy salsa or fresh guacamole. Let’s just say it’s on my list of happy places. This means I need to watch my Mad Mex Calories! Especially as I can have it delivered so don’t even burn off any energy getting there …

Exterior of a Mad Mex restaurant in Australia

So, I wanted to know what are the lowest calorie options on the Mad Mex menu and how much difference does it make if you (or I) picked the small burrito over the large – or the Naked one skipping the tortilla altogether. And, if you want to know too, our guide to the Mad Mex nutritional info reveals all…

Updated in Jan 2024 with new menu options and calories

The Absolute Lowest Calorie Meal at Mad Mex

While one of the nice things about Mad Mex is that you can tweak your meal to reduce the calories, to keep things simple here, we’re going to assume, you’re going to order a dish with all of the standard Mad Mex toppings – so pico de gallo, salsa verde, brown rice, black beans, shredded cheese, sour cream, and lettuce.

This is a large Naked Burrito because I am greedy!

In this case, the lowest calorie choice in Mad Mex would be the Small Naked Burrito with either Spicy Yucatan Chicken or Veggie Vera Cruz both of which have just 289 calories.

This is actually a bit too low for a main meal – 400 to 600 is a better amount to aim for – so, you might want to add some extra guacamole, or grab some yogurt and fruit for dessert to increase calories ina healthy way.

19 Other Choices in Mad Mex Under 500 calories

If you don’t feel like the above though, or you’d prefer to use up more of your calories in Mad Mex, what are the next lowest calorie choices to order?

Generally, the Naked Burritos are always going to score highest, but you can also look at the Tacos and Small Burritos. The Yucatan Chicken or Veggie Vera Cruz will always be the lowest calorie filling in any type of meal.

Here’s how things pan out.

Small Naked Burrito – Beef Barbacoa290
Small Naked Burrito – Pork Carnitas295
Small Naked Burrito – Chipotle Chicken301
3 x Soft Tacos – Spicy Chicken Yucutan322
3 x Soft Tacos – Veggie Veracruz322
Small Naked Burrito – Chorizo344
3x Soft Tacos – Beef Barbacoa360
3x Soft Tacos – Pork Carnitas366
3 x Soft Tacos – Chipotle Chicken376
3 x Soft Tacos – Chorizo445
Large Naked Burrito – Spicy Chicken Yucatan454
Large Naked Burrito – Veggie Vera Cruz454
Small Burrito – Spicy Chicken Yucatan484
Small Burrito – Veggie Vera Cruz484
Small Burrito – Beef Barbacoa485
Small Burrito – Pork Carnitas489
Large Naked Burrito – Beef Barbacoa490
Small Burrito – Chipotle Chicken496
Large Naked Burrito – Pork Carnitas497

5 Ways to Cut Calories Further at Mad Mex

As I said, tweaking your meal is another way to lower calories at Mad Mex, and opens up options on other parts of the menu, but how much difference can you make? Don’t do all of the below though or you’ll end up with a very dull meal!

Saying No to Rice

The number one thing to lose to cut calories is the brown rice – take that out of a large Naked Burrito with Chipotle Chicken, for example, and you’ll lose 146 calories bringing it down to 361 calories a bowl

Take it out from a large wrapped Burrito and you’ll cut the calories down by 147 – bringing a large Yucatan Chicken Burrito down to 573 calories.

I do have to mention though that brown rice does have nutritional benefits so, it’s not necessarily the best thing to remove from your meal, it’s just the one that cuts most calories.

Passing on Beans

If you’re not a fan of beans then losing them in a large Naked Burrito will save you 86 calories and a smidge less at 84 fewer calories in a large wrapped burrito.

Again though, one thing the longest-living nations on earth have in common is that they eat beans as a staple part of their diet – so, think twice before skipping the beans just to save some calories.

Swapping Beans

If you’re like me and beans are non-negotiable, you could just swap to a small portion of pinto beans which has 60 calories – saving you 24 calories. I know it’s not much, but it all adds up!

Losing Cheese

Next up, cheese. Dump the cheese in a large Naked Burrito and you’ll lose 80 calories. Take it out of a large wrapped burrito and you’ll drop the calories by 77.

Taking Out Sour Cream

Then there’s sour cream. Say no to that in the large Naked Burrito or the large wrapped burrito and you’ll lose 47 calories.

What About Guac?

Guacamole will add 86 calories to any size Naked Burrito Bowl or a large Burrito.

On the smaller burrito, you’re looking at an extra 43 calories.

Remember guacamole is a good source of healthy fat so it can be a healthier way to increase calories in some of the very low-calorie meals, than say, adding chips.

Is Mad Mex Healthy?

Counting calories is one thing, but what if you’re also trying to be healthy? Does Mad Mex fit the bill there?

The good news is that Mad Mex aim to cook their food using unprocessed ingredients (they say if their grandmother wouldn’t recognise it they don’t use it!) and the smallest amount of oils and sugars they can to get the food to taste good. This is helpful when you’re watching your calories.

They offer options for vegetarians and vegans, and you can order gluten-free (with some caveats), so, what should you order if you are also watching your diet in other ways alongside your calories?

If you’re a fan of Mexican chains, we’ve also covered the calories in Guzman Y Gomez. Find out the lowest calorie options to order in GYG here.

The Healthiest, Low-Calorie Options in Mad Mex.

The Lowest-Calorie and Low-Saturated Fat Choice

You’re looking at the Small Naked Burrito with Veggie Vera Cruz which has 289 calories and just 5.13g of saturated fat.

IF you want to take that lower, leave out the cheese and it’ll go down to 2.13g of saturated fat.

Low Calorie and Low Sodium

The best choice for you is to order a Small Naked Burrito with Chicken Chipotle which has 301 calories and 667 mg of sodium. That’s not bad, but if that’s still too high for your plan, leave out the beans and you can take that down to 533mg of sodium.

Lowest Calorie and Vegetarian/Vegan

You’re going to be picking the Small Naked Burrito with Veggie Vera Cruz which has 289 calories.

If you’re vegan, losing the sour cream and swapping to Vegan Cheese will change the calories to 247 calories.

Lowest Calorie and Gluten-Free Mad Mex

Pick the Small Naked Burrito with Veggie Vera Cruz which is listed as gluten-free by ingredient on their menu (the Spicy Yucatan Chicken isn’t listed so, it might also be an option, but ask about that in store).

As with many fast food restaurants, there is a risk of cross-contamination at Mad Mex, so, if you’re coeliac, use your normal sense of whether it’s a good idea to eat there.


I told you it was a bit complicated – if you want to check your own personal combination of meal, meat and fillings, then head to the Max Mex Nutrition Calculator which can help calculate it for you.

Or just pick from the list below…

Yummy Mexican food but not Mad Mex!

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