What Are the Lowest Carb Wraps in Australia?

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Whether you’re planning on wrapping your lunchtime sandwich in one instead of eating bread, using them as a super-thin crispy pizza base, or, going for the classics and making all things Mexican, wraps are super versatile. And now, there’s a huge range of low-carb wraps in Australia to help you keep the carbs down while you do it, but, which is the lowest in carbs? Our guide helps you find out…

Can You Really Save Carbs by Eating Wraps?

Not if you don’t choose wisely you won’t.

The average slice of normal white bread has around 13g carbs per slice, wholemeal is about the same, but you can discount a few because of the fibre.

What that means is that a simple sandwich, using two slices of bread has 26g of carbs in it – some of the larger wraps you find in your supermarket can have way more than that.

In fact, the highest carb wrap we have found has 33.2g in it. Admittedly, it’s pretty big, but even so, that’s more than bread.

If you’re starting a low-carb diet and using wraps to try and keep your carbs down, choose the wrong ones and you could actually be eating more carbs than if you’d just had a normal sandwich!

Choose the lower-carb wraps though and yes, you can save carbs. But, who has time to stand in the supermarket comparing all the different brands to find the lowest?

Seems that we do and that where this guide comes in…

How We Worked Out the Lowest Carb Wraps

There’s a few things to work out when find Australia’s lowest carb wrap (I feel like nutrition’s version of Tyra Banks right now).

The main thing is – size counts. The whole point of a wrap is that you use the whole sheet to cuddle your fillings – and so, while a wrap might contain more carbs per 100g, if it comes in a smaller size it’s going to provide you with less than, say a wrap with 30 per cent fewer carbs but double the serving size.

It’s therefore tricky to compare everything together in one easy way and proclaim one to be the lowest carb – and so – I decided to cover things a few different ways.

The Absolute Lowest Carb Wraps in Australia are…

If you’re looking for the lowest carb wrap in terms of a whole wrap, pulled out of the packet and added to your plate, there’s a clear winner. The Simson Pantry Low Carb Keto products blow everyone else out of the water.

They contain just 1.2g of carbs per 40g wrap and 0.8g in the 26g mini.

If you’re also counting calories, these have 98 calories (412kj) per larger wrap and 63 calories (268kg) for the mini.

The reason they’re so low is that they use chia and flaxseed flours as the main ingredient which have a higher protein, lower carb profile that wheat and corn used in normal wraps and tortillas. That cuts the carbs, bumps up the protein and fat – and means these might also be pretty filling.

That does however mean they aren’t the lowest calorie wrap in Australia – to find out that one you’ll have to head over to our line up of low-calorie Aussie wraps.

What’s the Lowest Carb Wrap per 100g

Not surprisingly, it’s the Simpson’s Pantry Low Carb Keto range again – per 100g, they have just 2.9g of carbs! Considering some of the more traditional wraps have 55g of carbs per 100g that saving is incredible.

However, we can’t let them win everything – so, let’s also mention the runner up – Empower Foods Power Wraps.

You can order these online and they have 5.1g of carbs per 100g – and a 35g wrap has just 1.8g of carbs in it.

We’ll also give a special award for the Woolworth’s Lower Carb Wholemeal which have just 12.5g per 100g – the wraps are 45g each and so you get just 5.6g a serving. Not bad.

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What’s the Lowest Carb ‘Basic’ Wrap?

Now, it’s true, that once you start adding words like ‘keto’ or ‘low-carb’ to the wrap, you’re also going to be altering the recipe – as, we said, the super low carb ones aren’t based on wheat, and we’ve noticed that some of the other lower-carb ones don’t crisp up quite as much because they’ve got other higher protein flours within them .

So, what if you just want a normal tortilla style wrap, but with the least carbs possible.

The Empower Wraps are likely to be a good choice here as they are primarily wheat-based -with some extra soy to pick up the slack.

But, if you just want to buy your wrap with your supermarket shop, then you’re going to want to pick up Mission Wholemeal Wraps which have 18g of carbs per whole (48g) wrap

What’s the Lowest Calorie Large Wrap?

Hungry? But still wanting to limit your carbs as much as possible – sounds fair.

In this case you’re going to want a bigger wrap – and of those that weigh in at over 60g, the lowest carb option is the Helga Prebiotic Wraps which have 24g of carbs per 63.5g wrap.

What’s prebiotic mean? It means they’ve added some extra fibre – specifically the types of fibre that help keep the bacteria in your gut healthy – which is a good thing.

What’s The Lowest Carb Gluten-Free Wrap?

Making a gluten-free wrap means using flour that’s not based on wheat (or rye) but does that make picking gluten-free wraps is also going to cut back on your carbs?

Looking at all the numbers together, it does seem that gluten free wraps do contain fewer carbs per 100g than those made the traditional way – I’m seeing numbers like 31g per 100g, 39.7g per 100g.

However, when it comes to the lowest per actual wrap, the lowest carb gluten free wrap of them all though is the Mission Corn Gluten-Free Wraps. They have 10.3g of carbs per 26g wrap.

If that sounds a bit small, check out Genius Gluten Free Wraps which have just 12g of carbs per 40g wrap.

Low Carb Wraps by Store

Now, admittedly most of us don’t shop by brand, we shop at a certain supermarket, so, here’s what to pick up where.

The Lowest Carb Wrap in Coles

According to their online store, the Simpson’s Pantry Low-Carb Keto with that amazing 1.2g per wrap!

The Lowest Carb Wrap in Woolworths

According to their online store, you’re looking to pick up the Woolworth’s Lower Carb Seeded Wraps which have just 5.6g of carbs per 45g wrap

The Lowest Carb Wrap in Aldi

Is their low-carb option – The Low Carb Company Low Carb Wrap at 5.5g of carbs per wrap.

Australian Wraps – Carbs at a Glance

If you haven’t seen your normal buy there, then check out this table. It has the top 20 low carb wraps in Australia in order so you know which one to pick up when you’re shopping next.

Don’t forget to double check the serving size just so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Wrap NameServing SizeCarbs per Wrap
Simson’s Pantry Low Carb Keto Mini26g0.8g
Simson’s Pantry Low Carb Keto40g1.2g
Empower Power Wrap35g1.8g
Simson’s Pantry Low Carb Mini26g3.3g
Aldi Low Carb42g5.5g
Woolworths Lower Carb Seeded45g5.6g
Woolworths Lower Carb Wholemeal45g5.8g
Coles 70% Lower Carb42g5.8g
Simson’s Pantry Low Carb High Protein45g5.9g
Simson’s Pantry Low Carb Spinach and Herb42g7.4g
Simson’s Pantry Lite Supergrains42g7.6g
Mission Low Carb Spinach48g8.2g
Simson’s Pantry Low Carb, High Protein and Fibre70g8.9g
Mission Corn Gluten-Free26g10.3g
Mission Low Carb48g11.3g
Genius Gluten-Free40g12g
Helga’s Low Carb Wholemeal50g15.2g
Mission Wholemeal48g18g
Woolworth’s Wholegrain45g18.1g
Woolworth’s White45g18.6g

So there you have it. Our low carb wrap guide. Hopefully you’ve found your new favourite lunch wrap. If I’ve missed one though let me know in the comments.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about adding some Grain Waves to your lunch, you might want to check out our post on whether Grain Waves are good for you – or not?

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