Lowest Calorie Choices in IHOP: Breakfast For Under 500 Calories

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Counting calories but feel like heading to IHOP for breakfast. We’ve got your back – and saved you doing maths before your first coffee. We’ve found the lowest-calorie breakfasts you can order at IHOP.

So, let’s get cracking!

This post was updated in December 2023 with the latest IHOP calorie counts for 2024.

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We try and make our low-calorie guides as simple as possible, but, because at IHOP you pretty much create your own breakfast combos things get a little bit more complex – which I guess is why you need our guide in the first place! But we’re going to break things down as simply as we can…

What’s the Absolute Lowest-Calorie Breakfast at IHOP?

The absolute lowest-calorie breakfast meal at IHOP is from the Make Your Own Omelet section, Pick egg white omelet for 90 calories as your base, pick American cheese (100 calories) – then add some tomatoes for an additional 10 calories. 

Then, pick the Fruit Salad for the side dish – which adds just 50 calories. Bam, you’re done – a whole meal for just 250 calories… but that’s a bit too low in calories to start your day – a healthy breakfast should be closer to 350-500 calories. Therefore, it might be a good idea to add some more veggies to your egg white omelet – peppers and onions will add just 70 calories, and/or spinach or avocado another 80.

Stock Image: Not IHOP

Another good option would be to add the veggies, lose the cheese, and add some multigrain toast (without butter) (140 calories) as a side dish which will give a super filling, low fat, and higher fiber meal for 330-410 calories.

We’ll talk a bit more about customizing your omelet in a minute, but if you want the absolute lowest-calorie breakfast in IHOP, go egg white omelet!

How to Make The Lowest Calorie Breakfast Combo at IHOP

Combos are another area where counting your calories can get tricky at IHOP!

Each combo comes with pancakes, eggs, and a choice of meat which can add up, and if you’re not careful, you could order a meal with as many as 1600 calories. Here’s how not to…

The lowest calorie combo meal is the 2 x 2 x 2 Combo. This comes with two eggs cooked your way, 2 strips of bacon or pork sausage, and 2 fluffy buttermilk pancakes. And yes, you can eat all of that under 500 calories.

The lowest calorie combination would be to have just scrambled egg whites for 60 calories, 2 pieces of turkey bacon for 60 calories, and the Buttermilk Pancakes for 320 calories. In total, this would come to 440 calories.

If you want to have whole eggs, pick them fried and you’ll still only add another 60 calories.

How to Make The Lowest Calorie Two-Egg Breakfast

Because I don’t like pancakes, but love hashbrowns, this is my go-to IHOP order, so I was a bit shocked to see that, according to the numbers on the menu, it busts the calorie budget by starting at 600 calories.

But, you can decrease that.

To create lowest lowest-calorie two-egg breakfast at IHOP order scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, hashbrowns, and Multigrain Toast without any butter.

Stock Image: Not IHOP

That cuts the calories to 430 – personally, I’d spend another 60 calories and get fried eggs, over hard. I hate egg whites!

Oh – and if your menu offers sourdough – pick that to cut a few extra calories. I haven’t found it on any of the menus I’ve looked at, but it is on their nutritional information at just 110 calories a portion (without butter).

DIY The Perfect Low Cal IHOP Omelet

As we said, the omelet with cheese and tomato is the absolute lowest calorie breakfast meal at IHOP but, you can create a whole load of combinations under 500 calories in this section if you use this plan…

Step One: Decide on Your Eggs

If You Want an Egg White Base

This contains 110 calories. You’ve therefore got between 240 and 390 calories to play with, depending on how many you want to allocate to breakfast.

If You Want Whole Eggs

There’s no reason why most people shouldn’t consume whole eggs – the cholesterol the yolks contain does not raise cholesterol in the body of most people – and, the yolks contain nutrients including B12, vitamin A, and vitamin D that are essential to health – but they do contain more calories.

If you pick whole eggs for the base of your omelet at IHOP, you’re already starting with 400 calories in the bank.

This means, to keep your calories as suggested, you only have 100 more to play with so you might have to make some tough choices going forward!

Step Two: Choose Your Side Dish

Depending on what mood you’re in, this may bump things up a bit so spend these calories first. This table shows your options, pick the one you fancy, and add the calories to those in your base.

Side DishCaloriesSide DishCalories
Fresh Fruit50Rye Toast, no butter200
White Toast, no butter130Multigrain toast, butter & Jam210
Multigrain toast, with butter160Hashbrowns220
Wholewheat toast no butter200White toast, butter & Jam250

Step 3: Do You Want Cheese?

If so, the lowest calorie choice is American which adds 100 calories. So, add that to the above and now see what’s left between this and your calorie goal.

Step 4: Add Your Add Ons

Whatever is left is what you have to spend on fillings – and here’s what’s on offer from lowest to highest calories…

Fresh Tomatoes10Roasted Tomatoes30
Ham pieces35Peppers and onions70
Sauteed mushrooms70Spinach80
Pesto90Pork Sausage210

And as you can see there are lots of ways to spend your calories and a lot of combinations you can create.

If You Like This Chart…

We’ve created it as a printable. Simply sign up here and download it…

Lowest Calorie IHOP Pancakes

It’s called IHOP for a reason, and if you’re wondering about the pancake calories in IHOP, we have good news – you can eat them and stay under 500 calories.

The lowest calorie pancake option at IHOP is the Short Stack Original Buttermilk Pancakes at 450 calories – but that’s without any further topping or side dishes. 

Stock Image: Not IHOP

And you are going to have to skip lashings of syrup we’re afraid. Or, at least only drizzle a tiny amount to sneak in under those 500 calories.

Other Dishes at IHOP

The above are the classics, and also the dishes that are most likely to give you breakfast for under 500 calories – but, if you’re in the mood for waffles, etc. Here’s the lowest calorie choice for the other IHOP breakfast items

DishPick The
WaffleBelgian Waffle – 540 calories
CrepesFresh Berry Crepes – 540 calories
French ToastClassic Crisp & Fluffy – 960 calories
Eggs BenedictClassic with a Fruit Side – 510 calories

Healthy Options at IHOP

Those are the best choices if you’re watching your calories, but what if you’re also watching other elements of your diet – what should you order then? We’ve done the maths for you….

Lowest Calorie, Low-Sodium Choice at IHOP

Not surprisingly, it’s going to be the Egg White Omelet again, but you’re going to need to change up some of the additions to keep the sodium low.

The basic egg white has 250mg of sodium. All the cheese is pretty high, so skip this and instead, load your omelet with veggies to keep calories and sodium low. Add tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and sauteed mushrooms to take your calories up to 240 – but with just 345mg of sodium.

Add the White Bread without Butter to increase this to 370 calories and 585mg of sodium.

Lowest Calorie, Low Fat Choice at IHOP

No surprise that it’s the egg white omelet again – but this time you’re going to add tomatoes, spinach, mushroom or peppers, and diced ham – and you’ll have a 205-calorie omelet with just 1.5g of saturated fat.

A side of Multigrain Bread, without butter, is also fat-free and adds 160 calories.

Lowest Calorie Vegetarian Choice at IHOP

This would again, be the egg white omelet with cheese and tomatoes – 200 calories. Add a side of Multigrain Toast to take it to a healthier 360 calories.

Lowest Calorie Gluten-Free Choice at IHOP

It’s our old friend the egg white omelet again – and, you can add the cheese and tomatoes (200 calories). You’re not going to add toast as the side, but you can add either Hashbrowns (220 calories) or the Crispy Breakfast Potatoes at 280 calories.

All of the above are gluten-free by ingredient, but there is a risk of cross-contamination so, those wiht coeliac disease will need to be particularly careful.

So, there you have our list of the lowest-calorie breakfast choices at IHOP. If you do want to eat some of the higher calorie choices, you’ll find the exact numbers in the IHOP nutritional calculator which will also help you customize your meal. Or, the IHOP nutritional information gives you everything on a printable list if you don’t want to be staring at your phone during your meal.

Both of these also include IHOPs lunch and dinner options if you’re dining there at another time of day.

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