Gluten Free at Subway – The Healthiest Choices to Order

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If you’re wanting to eat gluten-free at Subway but are also watching calories, fat, sodium etc, what are your best choices? We took at a look at the menu and found out…

Note this piece specifically refers to Subway USA, other suppliers are used in other countries and so the information below may not be accurate.

Does Subway Have Gluten-Free Bread?

As I write this in January 2023, all of the breads in most Subways contain gluten.

Subway wraps also contain gluten.

They did launch a gluten-free bread and it’s still listed in their allergen information, but, it didn’t appear as an option on any of the menus I checked online.

In my mind, it’s like the Loch Ness monster of carbs – it’s been spotted by people, and it’s probably real, but you’re not quite sure where, in the great lake of US Subways, it’s actually going to pop it’s head up next.

What this means is hard to say where you’ll find Subway gluten-free bread without me going into every US Subway (or clicking on them all online) and asking – but, the last time their Twitter team talked about it was 2021, at which point they said that it was offered in select locations at the discretion of the management, so, the best option is to just ask in your local branch if they have it, or might be able to offer it.

So What Can You Order?

The best choices if you’re going to eat gluten-free at Subway are therefore the No Bready Bowls – previously called the Protein Bowl, or the Salads picking a gluten-free topping.

With a big proviso.

How safe this is depends on why you are avoiding gluten.

If you’re just giving it up because you think it doesn’t agree with you then you’re okay with this option as a tiny amount of gluten probably won’t cause you issues, however, if you are coeliac you will need to be much more careful.

The layout of Subway means it’s easy for ingredients to touch each other and, while Sandwich Artists – as the team is known in Subway – will change their gloves before they make your order there is still a risk that bread crumbs or other gluten-containing ingredients might have got into the mix.

Which Salad Ingredients are Gluten-Free in Subway?

With the same disclaimer that Subway uses on their website to always check the allergen-related nutritional information as, changing suppliers might also change which items contain gluten, and, reiterating the point above about cross contamination, here’s a list of gluten-free ingredients in Subway the day I write this.

Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Eggs

According to the information, both the Teriyaki Glazed Grilled Chicken and the Meatballs and Marinara contain gluten.

Items without gluten therefore include Bacon Strips, Oven Roasted Chicken Patty, Grilled Chicken (plain), Cold Cut Combo Meats, Egg Omelet Pattys (both types), Salami, Ham, BMT Meats, Pepperoni, Rotisserie Chicken, Spicy Italian Meats, Steak, Tuan Salad, Turkey Breast, Buffalo Chicken, Eggs, Pastrami and their Veggie Pattys.


All of the cheeses on the menu are gluten-free.

These include America, Mozzarella, Monterey Blend, Parmesan, Pepper Jack, and Provolone.


The only one to avoid is the Sweet Onion Teriyaki

So, as of today, the gluten-free sauces at Subway include

Buffalo, Caesar, Chipotle Southwest, Honey Mustard, Mayonnaise, Yellow Mustard, Oil, Ranch, Peppercorn Range, Red Wine Vinegar, and Sweet Onion Sauce.

Image: Subway Media Gallery


All Gluten Free

If you’re therefore ordering gluten-free any Subway Salad of No Bready Bowl containing a mix of the above can work for you.

But what if you’re also adapting your diet in other ways too – then what’s the best option?

Which Are The Healthiest Subway Gluten-Free Options?

The Lowest Calorie Gluten-Free Option at Subway

The absolute lowest-calorie gluten-free option at Subway is the Veggie Delite Salad with American Cheese and a Red Wine Vinegar dressing which is just 90 calories – but admittedly, that is far too low for a main meal no matter how healthy it might be.

You’d be better off picking the Oven Roasted Turkey No Bready Bowl which has 230 calories if you have it with American Cheese and the Red Wine Vinegar Dressing. Again, that’s still too low calorically, but the extra protein will keep you fuller for longer.

Ideally add to that with a handful of nuts, trail mix or yogurt, and some fruit afterward to bump the calories up to around 400.

The Lowest Sodium Gluten-Free Option at Subway

Again, the lowest sodium option is the Veggie Delight Bowl which has just 75g of sodium. The lowest sodium cheese to add to that would be the grated Parmesan which adds just 25g or, the Swiss which has 30.

Again, though this meal is too low in calories and protein to really sustain you for long so, either add your own low-sodium protein choices alongside or afterward, or, pick one of the options with protein.

The Tuna Salad would be the best choice with 390mg of sodium bringing your meal up to 490mg.

Whichever you choose, pick the Oil, Oil and Vinegar or Red Wine Vinegar dressings which are all sodium-free.

The Lowest Fat Gluten-Free Option at Subway

We’ll focus on two different fats here – saturated and trans fats, as if you just look at total fat you’ll exclude the fats we should be consuming like monounsaturated fat.

And, not really surprisingly, the Oven Roasted Turkey and the Veggie Delight are the big scorers again.

The Veggie Delight salad has zero saturated fat and zero transfat

The Oven Roasted Turkey Salad has zero saturated fat and zero trans fat. The No Bready Bowl with turkey sneaks up to 1g of saturated fat because it contains a larger serving of turkey.

When choosing your cheese, Grated Parmesan has zero saturated fat and zero trans fat.

For dressings, all dressings are free from transfats and even the mayonnaise has just 2g of saturated fat so you could pretty much choose what you like here – although the BBQ sauce does have a lot of sugar.

Once more, we need to say though that these meals are very low calorie and so you’ll probably need something else like fruit, yogurt, nuts alongside.

The Lowest Sugar Gluten-Free Option at Subway

If you’re watching your sugar, avoiding the gluten-containing items in Subway already puts you ahead of the curve as the two toppings that contain gluten also contain the most sugar!

Instead, for salads, pick the Cold Cut Combo, Oven Roasted Turkey, Rotisserie Style Chicken, Spicy Italian, Tuna, Veggie Delite which all contain just 5g of total sugar and zero added sugar.

In the No Bready Bowls Rotisserie Style Chicken, Spicy Italian, and Tuna all have just 4g of total sugars and no added sugars.

When picking dressings avoid BBQ, Honey Mustard – and Sweet Onion Teriyaki which has gluten in any way.

So, there you have it, the best gluten-free options in Subway if you’re also on another form of specialist diet. But, do remember, that ingredients may change so it’s always best to check the Subway nutritional information before ordering if you’re on any of these diets for serious medical reasons.

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