Wagamama Calories: 2022’s Lowest Calorie Options to Choose

‘What’s the lowest calorie item in Wagamama?’ is one of the most popular questions asked of this blog but with Wagamama changing their menu to add more delicious yumminess all the time, it’s very hard to keep it up to date. However, I decided it was about time I did a new version. So without further ado, here are the lowest calorie things you can order in Wagamama (as of the day I type this,1st of August 2022!)

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Wagamama like to change their menu a lot which does make keeping up with them a bit tricky.

But what I have found in this latest update is the calories in Wagamama have gone up a lot since 2019 when I last updated this post which is a shame – but, at least now, they are clearly marked on the menu so you know what you’re getting yourself in for.

If you want to make your choices before you go though – here’s the lowest calorie Wagamama options in 2022.

The Absolute Lowest Calorie Dish in Wagamama

Tada…. for the last few updates of this post, this prize went to the the 349 calories Pad Thai Salad – but, it seems that in 2022, that is no more and so we have a new winner for the lowest calorie dish in Wagamama.

The Miso Mixed Vegetable Hiyashi Bowl at 412 calories

Stand up and claim your prize oh joy filled mix of miso mushrooms, broccoli, kale and rice noodles. I feel virtuous even just typing about it!

And it’s veggie and vegan so everyone can enjoy it.

But what if you don’t want a veggie dish – or something quite so healthy!

Well no problem… here’s the lowest calorie options for the other categories on the menu.

Kokoro Bowls

A new addition to the menu since my last update, the menu tells us that a Kokoro Bowl is a bowl for your soul – with Kokoro meaning Spirit, Heart and Mind.

Originally, of the options in this part of the menu were under 650 calories -that’s no longer the case, but, there’s still a good chunk of them coming in under 600 calories – which is what the NHS desscribe as a good number for a healthy meal.

The lowest of all though is Miso Mushroom Bowl that we already mentioned – the next lowest is another vegan dish, the Shu’s Shiok Jackfruit (517 calories)

If you want meat, you’re going to be looking at the Teriyaki Chicken Hiyashi Bowl at 530 calories which has chicken, a very yummy looking turmeric cauliflower, glass noodles and heaps of other veggies. I feel healthy just typing about it.


Two of the Ramen soups in Wagamama are under 600 calories – the vegetarian Kare Burosu Ramen which mixes mushroom and tofu, but the lowest calorie option is the simple Chicken Ramen which contains just 499 calories per steaming hot soup-filled bowl – it’s a good choice if you’re having a noodle craving as it’s also the lowest calorie dish containing noodles on the menu.

If you want to spice it up, add a side of chillis for just two extra calories!

The actual Chilli Chicken Ramen just squeaks over our cut off point at 606 calories.

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Teppanyaki dishes are cooked on an iron griddle which gives them that smokey taste – it’s that taste that means every time I go to Wagamama I order the Yaki Soba.

Once upon a time this was not too evil at 717 calories – but in this latest menu update that’s crept up to 819 calories (yikes). If you’re willing to forgo the meat you’ll save a few extra calories by ordering the veggie version – Yasai Yaki Soba – which comes in at just 785.

Neither of these takes our coveted title for lowest calorie dish on the Wagamama Teppanyaki menu though – that goes to the Yaki Udon at 636 calories.

Side note: I went to the tiny restaurant in Kokura, Japan where it’s claimed Yaki Udon was invented. If you want to read more about that, then click the link and head on over to my other blog where I cover travel stuff. But first…more Wagamama Calories.


If you’re ordering donburi then chances are you’re in a ricey frame of mind – as donburi means rice bowl in Japanese.

For this category, your lowest calorie option is now the No Duck Donburi at 503 calories.

Before the lowest calorie was the Chicken Teriyaki Donburi (now 738 calories) so it’s good that there are more options in this super filling calories.

You can swap the white rice for brown rice – it won’t change the calories much, but you will get an extra nutritional boost from the extra fibre.


Most of the curries at Wagamama clock in at over 1000 calories each – the exception (just) is the Chicken Katsu Curry at 998 calories – which is why I love doing these guides, I would not have pegged that as the lowest calorie option at all (although admittedly it’s still pretty high).

Oh and I know a lot of you come here specifically looking for the Wagamama Firecracker calories – it’s, erm, not great. The Firecracker Chicken is 1185 calories, the Firecracker Prawn is 1067. Maybe walk the long way home!

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They don’t really have starters at Wagamama, everything comes as it’s ready so, dishes you might order as a starter in another restaurant are labelled sides here and may come before or alongside your main course.

If you do want to add a little extra though, the lowest calorie side you can pick is surprisingly NOT the Wok-fried Greens (although they aren’t bad at 177 calories – and they’re a vegetable so, major health points), it’s the Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki – which have just 151 calories. Low carb lovers rejoice!

My choice is always Fried Gyoza which is a not too scary 226 calories for the veggie version.


I didn’t even know Wagamama did desserts – I’m normally so stuffed full of dumplings and noodles I don’t get that far, but, it seems they do and if you want one your best choice, surprisingly as it looks like it should be seriously calorific – it’s the Banana Katsu at 247 calories.

All the Main Dishes in Wagamama Under 600 Calories

While all of the above are the lowest calorie options in Wagamama, there are a few other dishes that come in under 600 calories – so, here’s the full selection…

Miso Mixed Vegetable Hiyashi Bowl – 412 calories

Chicken Ramen – 499 calories

No Duck Donburi – 503 calories

Chu’s Shiok Jackfruit – 517 calories

Teriyaki Chicken Hiyashi Bowl – 530 calories

Shu’s Shiok Chicken – 570 calories

Chicken Katsu Salad – 578 calories

Kare Burosu Ramen – 594 calories

If I haven’t highlighted your favourite dish in Wagamama here don’t worry, as with all the chains in the UK you’ll find the calories on the menu – or, if you want to check out your choices before you go to the restuarant.

They publish all of their nutritional information on their website.

You need to go to the menu section and pick the category your favourite comes in – then, you’ll see the calories listed.

If you want to look at other factors like which is the lowest fat meal in Wagamama, or which has the lowest sodium count, just click on read more and you’ll find it there.

So that’s it – the 2022 update of Wagamama calories and the best choices you can make. Go, enjoy, eat until your little belly is full.

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Wagamama: Feed Your Soul: Includes 70 recipes including, my favourite Yaki Soba. It’s also big on lighter meals and small plates so could be a brilliant way to help you get your Wagamama fix with fewer calories. Click here to have a closer look or buy it now.

Wagamama aren’t the only Asian fast food chain to have a cookbook, here’s a couple of others you might like too.

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