What’s the Lowest Calorie Drink in Dunkin Donuts (US)?

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If you’re looking to grab a coffee, or another drink on the run and Dunkin Donuts is your closest option you might be wondering if there are any low-calorie drinks on the Dunkin menu – after all this is a temple to doughy balls of sugary magnificence, calories aren’t really their thing!

But the good news is, that if you know what to order (including what milk to add to your drink of choice), there are a lot of low-calorie drinks in Dunkin Donuts. And we’ve done the hard work to help you find them…

Illlustration of three take out coffee cups in the Dunkin Donuts orange and pink colours. A mint green oval about them reads Best Low Calorie Drinks at Dunkin D

The Absolute Lowest Calorie Drink in Dunkin Donuts

If you just want to know what the lowest calorie drink is, you’re going to want to pick the simple teas.

If you’re drinking the normal teas at Dunkin Donuts – like Bold Breakfast Black (normal and decaf) or the plain green teas or the herbal infusions like Cool Mint or Hibiscus Kiss, drink away as, without milk or sugar, they contain zero calories – and you can’t get much lower than that!

But if you’re not a tea fan, or need a bigger shot of caffeine with your liquid this morning. Then, what else is on offer? Let’s head to the menu and sort things out…

Low-Calorie Dunkin Donuts Coffee

There are 14 different categories of coffee in Dunkin Donuts.

To these you can choose from up to five different milks, plus swirls and sugar – all of which will alter how many calories your drink contains.

Now, I don’t know about you, but you’re going to need a queue the size of the one for Space Mountain to sort the calories in that lot out while standing at the counter – so, here’s the quick answer to the lowest calorie coffee for each type…

Not surprisingly, the small is always the lowest calorie size – but from that point what changes things up is how much milk a drink contains and what milk you pick.

If it’s on offer Coconut Milk is the lowest calorie choice (although, your bones would probably prefer you to pick Skim as it has more calcium!). To allow you to choose though here’s all your choices under 50 calories

11 Dunkin Donuts Coffees Under 50 calories

Coffee TypeMilk To ChooseTotal Calories
Black CoffeeNone5
Cold BrewNone5
Iced AmericanoNone5
Iced CoffeeCoconut Milk10
Plain CoffeeSkim Milk20
Hot or Iced Latte Coconut Milk35
Hot or Iced MacchiatoCoconut Milk30
Hot or Iced CappuccinoSkim Milk45
Hot or Iced MacchiatoSkim Milk50

Customizing Your Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Now as we said, the reason it’s a bit tricky to work out the calories at Dunkin Donuts on the fly is that there are a lot of permutations. So, if you don’t want the super low-calorie options above how do things change when you start tweaking the combinations?

We’re not going to list all your options – we did that on our Drinks Under 100 Calories at Starbucks post and I’ve written books that were shorter! But, here are the rules to remember.

What Happens if You Upsize?

Again, it varies by drink and milk type – but, generally, you can go all the way up to extra large for the first 11 combinations on our list above and still come in under 100 calories.

We use 100 calories as that’s a sensible number of calories to aim at for a drink between meals.

What Happens With Other Milks?

You can swap coconut milk on the options above for skim milk, and upsize to large and still come in under 100 calories

Using whole milk cream, almond milk or oat milk will bring you in under 100 calories for every small size – but, if you start upsizing the calories you’ll go over what’s generally suggested for a drink.

Sugar cubes lined up in rows on a blue background

What Happens If You Add Sugar?

It’s probably not a shock that you add calories! But, according to the Dunkin Donuts nutritional information, a serving of sugar when it’s added as an option on the menu adds 120 calories per cup – which is quite hefty. Try and skip the sugar or add a small sachet of your own after pouring.

The same goes for adding flavoured syrups – Dunkin Donuts don’t list the nutritional information for their flavoured syrups, but, the very name should give you a clue that they’re sugary and therefore going to add some extra calories to your drink.

I Want My Coffee Fancy!

I get it, all the drinks above are a bit, erm, boring… If you’re looking for something a bit more desert-like, the lowest calorie concoction with coffee, whipped cream and a swirl is the Small Signature Latte – either hot or iced – with Skim Milk (either flavour) at 250 calories.

The Lowest Calorie Teas at Dunkin Donuts

As we said, the plain teas in Dunkin Donuts are the lowest-calorie drink at Dunkin Donuts.

Add a splash of skim milk to your tea and you’re only adding 5-10 more calories so if this is your choice don’t worry about a thing.

Other very low-calorie choices include the following (numbers are all for small servings)

TeaMilk or Other OptionsCalories
Iced TeaUnsweetened5
Iced Green TeaUnsweetened5

What About the Fancy Teas

However, when you start to get to some of the more creative teas in Dunkin Donuts the calories can add up, so here’s what you need to know.

Iced Tea

Not surprisingly, sweetened ice tea has more calories, but the amounts vary.

Pick the Sweet Tea version and you’re looking at 150 calories for a small and 310 for a large – and even the small contains a whopping 39g of added sugar. That’s the equivalent of almost 10 teaspoons – and the large is twice that!

The Sweetened Ice Teas are a little less calorific at 70 calories for a small – but, the best choice is still picking unsweetened.


There are three flavours of the green tea-based Dunkin Refreshers and they contain 80-90 calories each. The lowest in calories is Strawberry Dragonfruit.


Because they’re made with milk, and have 12g of added sugar in them, the Matcha Latte have more calories than plain green tea.

However, this does also increase your calcium intake which is no bad thing. A small Matcha Latte with Skim Milk (iced or hot) has 120 calories.

Chia Latte

As we discussed in our piece on whether chai latte is a healthy choice, the combination of milk and spices is good for you, there can be a lot of sugar added to a chai latte – and this is no exception. It has 18g of added sugar. This might be why a small Chai Latte (hot or iced) has 150 calories.

Hot Chocolate

Comfort in a mug, Hot Chocolate is never going to be the lowest calorie choice on a menu – but, if you’re at Dunkin Donuts, you’ll save yourself 30 calories by picking the Espresso Flavour version over the original. It contains 190 calories for a small serving, compared to 220 calories in the Original.

Coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on a wooden table

Frozen Drinks

If you’re counting calories, just back away now! You can eat an actual Donut (or even a meal) for less calories than are in many of these drinks!

Don’t believe me – a Glazed Jelly Donut at Dunkin Donuts has 280 calories – a large Vanilla Bean Coolatta drink has 790, a large Frozen Chocolate drink has 890!!.

Here’s how the small size of the various Frozen Drinks stack up – you don’t want to know numbers for the large. If you need to cool down on a hot day, a plain iced coffee is a MUCH better choice.

DrinkMilk/Flavour OptionCalories
CoolattaBlue Raspberry230
Frozen Matcha LatteSkim Milk240
CoolattaVanilla Bean390
Frozen CoffeeSkim Milk470
Frozen ChocolateOriginal490

What If You Want to Add a Snack?

Your willpower is greater than mine if you can walk into Dunkin Donuts and walk out just with a zero-calorie tea! So, if you are going to buy something what are the lowest calorie options you could pick?

Well the lowest calorie Donut is a plain Sugared Donut with just 210 calories. A single Old Fashioned Munchkin is just 50 calories – if you can be trusted with the rest of the box!

If you’re there at breakfast pick the Wake Up Wrap with Bacon which has 220 calories.

Another good choice would be an English Muffin which has 190 calories.

Other Dietary Needs at Dunkin’

What’s the Healthiest Drink at Dunkin Donuts?

An unsweetened tea, or one of the plain coffees, with skimmed milk would be my choice.

Both black tea and coffee are good sources of antioxidants (ignore the hype, a moderate intake of coffee is NOT bad for you). And, yes while coconut milk has fewer calories than skimmed milk, skimmed will give you more calcium.

Is There a Keto Drink at Dunkin Donuts?

Any of the black coffees or teas without sugar contain zero carbs, but, if you want to also increase your fat intake, pick the Cold Brew with Cream. A small serving contains 1g of carbs – which come from sugars in the dairy as it has no added sugar, and 6g of fat.

What’s the Lowest Sugar Drink at Dunkin Donuts?

We’re back to the plain unsweetened coffees and teas again.

If you’re adding milk to any of them, pick Skim Milk, whole Milk or Coconut Milk as none of those contain any added sugars. The Almond Milk and Oatmilk both have sugar added.

What’s the Lowest Sodium Drink at Dunkin Donuts?

Plain tea and coffee contain very little sodium so you can order any drink that only contains those with a splash of milk without any concern.

Sodium numbers increase a bit more when you start to look at drinks like Lattes which contain more milk. Coconut Milk has the lowest levels, Almond Milk has the highest sodium levels. A small Latte with Almond milk has 120mg of sodium, a large one is double that.

So, there you have it, our guide to the lowest calorie drinks at Dunkin Donuts (and a few other dietary requests you might have had). Right, I’m off to make some tea now!

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