Fishbowl Calories 2024: The Lowest Calorie Combinations You Can Pick

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Fishbowl is a chain of restaurants that offer Japanese-style fish and salad bowls around Sydney and Melbourne. They say they are here to shake up fast food and empower people to make healthier decisions – and they do – but, how do they stack up for calories?

It’s hard to tell the lowest calorie option in Fishbowl for yourself because you fashion an individual bowl every time – and it’s virtually impossible to work things out in the queue. So that’s why I checked out the Fishbowl nutritional information, did the maths on the bowls, and came up with our guide to Fishbowl calories – and the lowest calorie options you can pick in Fishbowl if you’re counting them.

Note: This post was first published in May 2021 and has been updated in January 2024.

Big Papi Bowl from Fishbowl, Sydney.

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What’s the Absolute Lowest Calorie Meal in Fishbowl?

Pick a regular-size portion. Use a Mixed Leaves base (8 calories) and then add the Miso Eggplant Tofu option (307 calories).

This adds up to just 315 calories for your meal – without any additional toppings.

Although to be honest, that’s probably a bit too low for a healthy lunch.

400-600 calories is more like what you should be aiming for, even when trying to lose weight, and so, you might want to change that to a rice and leaves base which will add 180 calories, taking your meal to 489 calories – or, stick with the leaves but choose a large size bowl which will give you 373 calories – and add a portion of Edamame (27 calories) to up the protein and make it a bit more filling.

What About the Rest of the Fishbowl Menu?

The good news is generally, the calories at Fishbowl are pretty low – if you stick with a regular-sized serving, on a Mixed Leaves base, you can order any Bowl you like and come in under 600 calories – but, if you want things more specific, here’s what you need to know…

screesns showing the fishbowl menu

What’s the Lowest Calorie Base in Fishbowl?

Not surprisingly, as swapping veggies for carbs tends to cut calories, it’s the Mixed Leaves option which is just 8 calories in regular size, and 11 for a large bowl.

Here’s how the others stack up

The 10 Lowest Calorie Bases in Fishbowl

Base TypeCalories (Reg)Calories (Large)
Mixed Leaves811
Mixed Cabbage2036
Glass Noodles/Leaves96116
Glass Noodles/Cabbage112138
Sushi Rice/Leaves158206
Soba Noodles/Leaves165198
Sushi Rice/Cabbage173228
Soba Noodles/Cabbage180220
Brown Rice/Leaves180235

The 10 Lowest Calorie Bowls in Fishbowl?

What if you don’t fancy the Miso Eggplant Tofu. Here are the 10 next-lowest choices in Fishbowl. Add any of these to Mixed Leaf or Cabbage Base and you’ll come in under 460 calories. Or you can combine any of the below with any of our top 10 bases for under 620 calories for a regular size.

Bowl ChoiceCalories (regular)
Miso Eggplant Chicken330
Crispy Chicken332
Tofu Boys 337
Chilli Chicken368
The OG Chicken382
Miso Salmon414
Spring Chicken425
Miso Soba Tofu435
6 Spice Beef440

What Happens if You Add Extras?

The last part of the Fishbowl experience is to decide if you want to add any extra toppings – this can be a good idea if you do pick a bowl that’s fairly low in calories and want to make it a bit more filling, so, here’s what you need to know…


The lowest calorie protein that you can add is Tofu which has 59 calories on a regular bowl, 86 on a large one.

If you feel like chicken, then the Poached Chicken is the lowest calorie choice at just 82 calories on a regular-sized bowl

Beef Brisket is the highest calorie addition at 351 calories per extra portion.

If we had you at the word chicken, then check out our guide to the lowest calorie options in Oporto here.

exterior of a fishbowl japanese salad bowl store in Sydney

Toppings & Crunch

Many of these contain just 10 calories or less per spoonful so add away! Just be a bit more conscious if you’re adding any of the ones below…

Wasabi Peas47
Spicy Broccoli51
Crispy Shallots55
Seaweed Salad58
Umami Crunch89
Tamari Almonds92

Is Fishbowl Healthy?

Admittedly, Fishbowl aren’t calorie driven – as they say on their menu ‘you are what you eat and not how many calories you eat’ and, the fact is that they know that the ingredients are healthy no matter what combination of them you pick. So, they do they walk that talk – is Fishbowl a healthy choice?

Yes, absolutely. It’s all fresh ingredients, the fish offers a good source of the healthy fats we don’t eat enough of and the salads are packed with vegetables.

The only thing to just be aware of is sodium intake if you’re choosing anything with a soy sauce/shoyu base as it can be high in sodium – and a few of the dishes are higher than you might suspect on this. So, now let’s look at what to choose at Fishbowl if you are watching other elements of your diet alongside your calories…

Low Calorie, Healthy Options at Fishbowl

The Lowest Calorie, Lowest Sodium Choice

If you’re watching calories AND sodium, the Miso Eggplant dishes are not your best choice, they’re some of the higher sodium choices, instead, pick the Crispy Chicken on a Mixed Leaves base which has just 340 calories and 332mg of sodium. You also have the Mixed Leaves/Sushi Rice base to increase the calories to a more filling 493 calories with 333mg of sodium.

fisbowl Big Papi on a table with chopsticks on the top

The Lowest Calorie, Lowest Fat Choice

The Miso Soba Tofu is the absolute lowest in saturated fat with just 1.9g – add that to a Mixed Leaves or Cabbage base and a regular-size meal will have a healthy 442 calories and just 1.9g saturated fat.

Although none of the Top 10 Low-Calorie Bases has more than 1mg of saturated fat even on a full-size regular serving.

The Lowest Calorie Vegetarian Choice

Is the overall calorie winner, The Miso Eggplant Tofu with 314 calories if you serve it on a Mixed Leaves base – as we said above that is a bit low for a main meal so, swap your base (they are all vegetarian) or add some extra tofu, Edamame or almonds to increase the protein and up the calories.

The Lowest Calorie Gluten-Free Choice

If you’re eating gluten-free at Fishbowl, you mostly need to be careful what dressings are used and swap out anything based around Soy or Shoyu – and, skip the soba noodle base.

This means that the best option for you is the Miso Eggplant Tofu with any of our top 10 bases – except the soba ones.

There is always a risk of cross-contamination with gluten, but, as the majority of the ingredients in Fishbowl are gluten-free, this might be lower than many other places, assuming your server takes precautions like new gloves and tongs.

So, there you have it – our guide to the lowest-calorie options in Fishbowl. If you have any more questions, please do let me know in the comments.

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