What Is the Lowest Calorie Wrap in Australia?

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Wraps can be more than the base of a killer burrito or quesadilla, they can also take the place of bread in sandwiches or work as a low-calorie pizza base – but, which is the lowest calorie wrap in Australia? We scoured the supermarket shelves to find out,

This post is, frankly, a personal mission. Mr Wellness Nerd is on a health kick and a large part of this seems to include buying wraps – lots of them. Of every brand. Yesterday, when I found nine different types in the freezer, I decided enough was enough – I’d find out which was the lowest calorie one for him so he could stop buying all the others! And, so, it began…

Calculating the Lowest Calorie Wraps

There’s a few things to work out when presenting this, after all, you might have a wrap that’s a bit lower per 100g, but comes in a 70g serving meaning it actually ends up with heaps more calories than one that’s smaller in size – but just as capable at carrying your tuna, chicken or fishfinger combo.

Do you just stick with classic white tortilla, or do you open it up to wholegrain and spinach versions?

And what about low-carb or gluten-free – do they contain fewer calories as well as cutting back on carbs or eliminating gluten?

It’s tricky to compare all of those to each other and come out with the lowest calorie choice – and so – I decided to cover all of them…

The Absolute Lowest Calorie Wrap in Australia is…

If you’re looking for a low calorie wrap by serving – ie, you want to pull one wrap out of the packet and fill it with food while keeping your calories in check, the lowest calorie wrap in Australia is the Mission White Corn Gluten-Free Wraps at just 56 calories (234kj) per wrap.

They are small, just 26g, but, if you just want a small taco or wrap, that’s your best choice -plus, you can actually have two of them for fewer calories than many of the others on our list.

What’s the Lowest Calorie Wrap per 100g

That is the Genius Gluten-Free Wraps – they have just 210 calories (883kj) per 100g. A standard serving weighs 40g – so they’re a bit bigger that the Mission ones and one wrap has 84 calories (353kj).

What’s the Lowest Calorie Basic Wrap?

At this point I proclaimed my results to Mr Wellness Nerd and he just looked at me… which is code for ‘gluten-free, really? That doesn’t count.’

And I get his point, if you don’t need to eat gluten-free there’s no real health benefit in doing so – so, what if you just want a bog standard wrap, big enough to load a decent meal in with no fancy things added or taken away?

Then, your lowest calorie option per wrap is the Woolworths Own Brand Wholegrain Wrap at 118 calories (496 kj) per 45g wrap

What’s the Lowest Calorie Large Wrap?

We’re classing a large wrap as anything over 60g – they’re going to be hefty enough to make you a decent-sized burrito.

And in this category, you’re going to want to pick up the Helga Prebiotic Wraps which have 169 calories (710kj ) for a 63.5g wrap – plus, they give you an extra health boost as they’re packed with prebiotic fibres which the bacteria in your gut LOVE to feast on.

That higher fibre content might also help make them more filling than a normal plain white wrap so this one is win win.

What’s The Lowest Calorie Low-Carb Wrap?

The number of low carb wrap choices in Aussie supermarkets surprised me at how big it was, but for the absolute lowest calorie low carb wrap, you need to pick Simson’s Pantry Low Carb Minis which have just 63 calorie (267kj) – and just 3.3g of carbs.

As the name might suggest, they’re pretty small – just 26g a serving.

If you want a bigger portion, then pick up the Coles own brand 70 per cent Lower Carb Wraps – these have 97 calories per 42g wrap (411 kj) and just 5.8g of carbs.

Note – neither of these aren’t the lowest carb wraps on the market – if you want to know what is, you’ll want to check out our guide to the lowest carb wraps in Australia.

What’s the Lowest Wholegrain Wrap?

Wholegrains are generally going to be healthier and more filling than white wraps – but does this also mean they contain more calories?

Actually it seems it does. Most wholegrain wraps contain over 285 calories (1200kj) per 100g .

The exception are the Woolworths Wholegrain Wraps which have just 261 calories (1100kj) per 100g . Their wraps weigh 45g which means you’re getting a fairly filling wholegrain wrap for 118 calories (496kj)

Low Calorie Wraps by Store

Now, admittedly most of us don’t shop by brand, we shop at a certain supermarket, so, here’s what to pick up where.

The Lowest Calorie Wrap in Coles

According to their online store, the Genius Gluten Free Wraps – 84 calories each (353kj) – are your top choice.

The Lowest Calorie Wrap in Woolworths

According to their online store, you’re looking to pick up the Simpson Pantry Lite Low Carb Supergrains which have 94 calories (397kj) per wrap

The Lowest Calorie Wrap in Aldi

Is their low-carb option – The Low Carb Company Low Carb Wrap at 102 calories (432kj) per wrap.

What About Mountain Bread?

Mountain Bread is a traditional Lebanese bread. It doesn’t use yeast and is not as thick and doughy as other breads or wraps.

And this is why I couldn’t decide whether to compare it to the others – if I did that would I then have to start including Pita Bread or other types of Lebanese bread that can also be used to wrap things up?

I therefore decided not to compare it directly to the other wraps, but give it its own section.

The fact is that Mountain Bread does make a pretty good way to wrap things – and it’s very low calorie.

A 25g sheet of Mountain Bread Original White has just 71 calories (295kj), which is one of the lowest cal wrap options out there for a large sheet.

Mountain Bread comes in heaps of varieties and flavours. The Wheat and Oat sneak in slightly as the lowest calorie choices at just 68 calories (285kj) per wrap

Australian Wrap Calories at a Glance

If you haven’t seen your normal buy there, then check out this table. It has the top 25 low calorie wraps in Australia in order so you know which one to pick up when you’re shopping next.

We’ve included the minis in this so you can see them as, as we said, before, even though they’re small, you might be able to have two of them for less calories than your normal wrap. All calories are per whole wrap as they come out of the packet.

Wrap NameServing SizeNumber of Calories
Mission Corn Gluten Free Mini26g55 calories (234kj)
Simson’s Pantry Low Carb Mini26g64 calories (267kj)
Simson’s Pantry LC Keto Minis26g64 calories (268kj)
Genius Gluten Free40g84 calories (353kj)
Simpsons Pantry Lite Supergrain42g95 calories (397kj)
Coles 70% Lower Carb42g98 calories (411kj)
Simpsons Pantry Low Carb Keto40g98 calories (412kj)
Simpsons Pantry LC Spinach & Herb42g101 calories (428kj)
Aldi The Low Carb Company42g103 calories (432kj)
Woolworths Lower Carb Seeded45g108 calories (456kj)
Woolworths Lower Carb Wholemeal45g110 calories (461kj)
Mission Low Carb 48g118 calories (499kj)
Woolworths Wholegrain45g118 calories (496kj)
Old El Paso Regular Tortilla40g127 calories (535kj)
Woolworths White45g129 calories (542kj)
Mission Low Carb48g130 calories (547kj)
Aldi Bakehouse Wholegrain45g135 calories (567kj)
Coles Soft White45g132 calories (556kj)
Coles Wholegrain45g133 calories (560kj)
Mission Wholemeal48g137 calories (576kj)
Mission Original Mini48g140 calories (590kj)
Woolworths Tortilla46g142 calories (600kj)
Coles Gluten Free White50g147 calories (620kj)
Helga’s Low Carb50g147 calories (620kj)
Woolworths Gluten Free White50g153 calories (646kj)

So there you have it. Our low calorie wrap guide. And, I think that covers all the possible wrap variations there are out there but, if I haven’t answered your particular wrap-related question, please let me know in the comments….

Oh, and if you’re thinking about adding some Grain Waves to your lunch, you might want to check out our post on whether Grain Waves are healthy.

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