19 Cool Gifts for Runners: Every Budget, Every Runner Type

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So, you need to buy a cool gift for the runner in your life but aren’t quite sure what they’d like. Well, here are 19 suggestions of cool and unique runner’s gifts for you – from a runner!

Whether you’re buying for your running buddy, splashing out on your other half, looking for a great gift for your marathon running bestie – or just need a Secret Santa gift for a runner we have a suggestion that’ll work. Check it out..

Woman lacing up new trainers she has a received as a gift - but, they aren't the best gift for runners

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How To Choose a Gift for a Runner

The first mistake not to make when buying the best gifts for a runner is that one up there! Don’t even think about buying shoes – or shorts, running tops or sports bras – they are too individual. Unless you know your runner very well, then you could end up spending money on something they won’t use.

Keep it to accessories, cute running-themed gifts they can use in everyday life and things that can help fuel their running – either mentally or physically.

Like the ideas below

Some are serious training tools, others are more fun runner’s gifts.

They come as a category and then I’ve made a suggestion of a brand or product that particularly caught my eye while hunting for ideas but there are literally hundreds of unique runners gifts out there once you get an idea of the type of product you want to buy.

Oh and as it’s Christmas and heading out to the actual shops might be super busy, you can buy all of my suggestions in the list below online.

Secret Santa Gifts For Runners

These are all inexpensive gifts so they make the perfect Secret Santa or stocking-filling gifts for a runner – but, because they’re all running-themed the recipient will know you’ve put some thought into them. There’s also a nice mix of useful products and fun, novelty ideas that will raise a smile.

1. Running Socks

While buying socks might be a Christmas cliche, comfy running socks will be welcomed by runners.

I mean personally, I currently have 13 running socks – individual socks. None of them make up a pair.

I’d love some socks for Christmas.

And I’d particularly like these from Gone for a Run as they show a little bit more thought than just a normal pair.


They have loads of different designs and colours so head over to check them out.

They’re called Inspirational Athletic Running Socks by Gone For a Run

2. The Learn Everything Book

There’s a lot of odd questions associated with running including the one on the front cover of this one from Runners World.


The book aims to answer that question and all the others. It’s the thing to buy the runner that has everything!

Click to see more about it here

3. The Runner’s Wine Glass

If you’re looking for a novelty gift for the runner in your life, or the perfect Secret Santa gift for a runner, this wine glass could be it!

Check out the measures written on the side. Order it here


If you’re runner is more of a beer drinker, you can also buy a Runner’s pint glass too.

4. A Runner’s Light

Anything that helps you be seen more effectively when running is a good thing – and the day a friend bought me my own flashing runner’s light was a very happy day indeed.

They basically just clip onto your shirt and just give drivers and cyclists an extra alert that you’re out there.

It’s a really simple gift, but not something I would ever have bought myself. I loved it – and your runner buddy might too.

These ones don’t bust the budget either.


5. A Runner’s Colouring Book

You want unique gifts for runners – this fits the bill

And this book is now totally on my list to Santa – you get to combine running and colouring – what’s not to love!

It’s from the US but they do ship internationally. Click here to see more details.


6. Runner’s Coffee Cup

There’s nothing that gets you in the mood for an early morning run than that first cup of coffee or tea, so why not put your runner into the right frame of mind with a special runner’s coffee cup.

This one is good for all different runners, but they also have marathon mugs and even Boston Strong mugs if you have friend who is training for Boston marathon..

More Serious Gifts for Runners

These are gifts for the runner you know a bit better – maybe it’s your mum, dad, brother, bestie or partner. You know what races they’ve done, you know what type of person they are – and what type of runner they are…

7. A Medal Display Holder

My Goofy Challenge Medal from Walt Disney World is my most prized possession and hung on my wall for a long time.

If your runner competes in a lot of races, they might also want to put their medals somewhere they can see them – rather than just shove them in a box.

So, check out medal display racks. You can find all sorts of sizes, designs and inspiring mottos.

I particularly like this one from United Medals as it pretty much sums up with The Wellness Nerd is all about – click the picture to head straight to it. 


8. A Training Diary

Writing a training log is a great way to track running progress and see how you’re improving and there are heaps of running journals out there.

Gone for a Run have a great selection (and frankly are pretty much a one-stop-shop for cool gifts for runners).

Also, look at the Daily Greatness Training Journal. I’ve posted on here before about how it’s more than just a place to log your workouts. It’s full of positivity and pretty much makes you feel like you can achieve anything.

Its full name is the Daily Greatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body and Mind.

Find it here.

I’m also a big fan of Jeff Galloway and his training plans and he also has a training diary.

This is probably a bit more suitable for an intermediate runner who wants to start improving their mileage and speed as it has training plans and talks about different types of running training.

See more about it here.

9. A Running-Themed Tote

Love this cute Runderful tote.


Find it here

10. Their Own Customized Medal or Pin

If you know your runner pretty well, you might want to design them their own medal from GSJJ, Design a cartoon character according to his/her images, add their personal PB or time and create a lovely, colourful custom medal that can be displayed on awards cabinets and medal display holders.

There’s no mimimum order for customised medals or pins – and, you can even rush the order in 24 hours if you’ve left things a little late.

Have a look at the process and their range of customized medals here.

11. Run-Themed Jewellery

There’s all sorts of running-themed jewellery out there – you’ll find heaps on Etsy, or Amazon

You can choose from necklaces for earrings with runner motifs like 26.2, but I like the inspiring bangles best as you could actually wear those while running and use them as a push when things are getting a bit tough.

This one is cute


If your friend is a little bit more, erm, sweary about their running, also look at some of the more adult cuffs out there – warning there’s F words, don’t click here if you’re easily offended.

If neither of these float your boat, have a look at the running jewlry page on amazon for some more ideas.

12. A Running Belt

Running while carrying your phone messes up your stride and even those arm holders to put your phone in can set you slightly off balance – wearing your ‘stuff’ around your waist is a far better bet.

If your running buddy is more of a recreational runner, then check out the Flipbelt which carries phones, keys, inhalers etc with minimal bulk.


They do some great plain ones, or pick something a bit more colourful.

Click here to see their entry product, the Classic Flipbelt

13. Foot Pampering Goodies

It’s rare to find a long-distance runner who doesn’t have at least one dodgy toenail – or another foot complaint!

Foot pampering kits can therefore be super welcome – but, as it’s a gift you’re going to want something a bit more special than your average foot scrub.

Margaret Dabbs footcare range manages to be luxurious and respected for how well it works.

Click here to see all of her products.


14. Running Gloves

Running outside when it’s cold is much more fun if your hands are warm – but normal gloves don’t quite cut it.

Good running gloves are made from a wicking fabric, have finger tips that let you swipe your phone without having to take them off and, as an extra bonus, have some kind of reflective surface helping boost how well you’re seen.

These tick all the boxes


15. Recovery Pyjamas

Yes, these are a thing – they use a fabric printed with special technology that actually reflects infrared heat back into the body which claims to raise circulation and flush products like lactic acid, which causes post exercise soreness out of the body.

Check out the Under Armour Athlete Recovery Range

16. A Runner’s Cookbook

Good running needs good fuel and if you’re runner also likes to cook they might love Rise and Run Recipes by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky.

It contains 100 ideas for breakfasts and snacKs that you can eat before a run to help fuel your miles.

They also have a book for more substantial meals as well called Run Fast, Cook Fast, that you might want to check out.


17. New Headphones

If your runner likes to run with music, you could upgrade their headphones as a rather lovely gift.

There are obviously lots of different choices out there, but something a bit different that they might really appreciate is a set of bone conduction headphones.

These let your runner hear their music – but also the world around them increasing their safety.

There are numerous brands out there, but I was pretty impressed with Aftershokz – and their entry-level model won’t break the bank.

Click to check them out here.

Or, if you’re buying for a close friend and have a bit more to spend, you might want to weigh up the different models. Then have a look at this post.

18: The Mobot

The Mobot is a very clever invention – it’s a combination of a water bottle and a muscle roller, but one that’s far easier to carry to the gym than a normal roller.

I interviewed a physiotherapist about this product recently and he actually really liked it.

It does come in smaller sizes, but this was the one he said would probably be most useful for people.

See more about it here


19. A Percussive Massager

And talking of massage, this is bit more expensive that most of the things on this list, this is the gift for marathon runners or other runners who like the seriously rack up the distance.

It uses a technique called percussive therapy to help speed up how fast the muscles recover after a run reducing pain and soreness.

There are lots of different versions of these out there – but Theragun is the most respected brand. And their Pro product is said to be the best in their range.

It is rather spendy though.

So there you have it – 19 Cool Gifts that any runner would love to receive – well, in the opinion of this one anyway!

Santa, erm, Santa – there’s a list you need to look at.

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