The Lowest Sodium Choices At Jimmy John’s

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Fancy a delicious sandwich but on a low-sodium diet. No problem. We’ve scoured Jimmy John’s menu and found the best dishes you can pick if you need to follow a low-sodium plan. Plus, if you’re trying to make your diet healthier in other ways, we’ve not only found the lowest sodium menu items at Jimmy John’s, but we’ve also found the best low-salt choices for those who aren’t eating meat or are watching calories, or cutting back on fat or sugar.

If you need help ordering at Jimmy John’s, keep reading!

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The Absolute Lowest Sodium Menu Item At Jimmy John’s

The lowest sodium menu item at Jimmy John’s is the Slim 6 Unwich with 470mg of sodium. This is a provolone cheese sandwich that’s made with lettuce instead of bread. It’s a great option, but it’s probably not going to fill you up that well.

To make your meal more substantial, consider adding a side of Regular Jimmy Chips which only contain 180mg of sodium. Alternatively, you could order something more filling like the roast beef filled Little John Two (540mg) with the Jimmy Chips and still not be over your target.

Other Low Sodium Choices At Jimmy John’s

If you’re not in the mood for the Slim 6 Unwich maybe one of these other low-sodium main menu items might tickle your fancy. 

The rest of the Jimmy John’s menu is extensive but some of the dishes contain more sodium than you should eat in the entire day, so it’s easy to go over the 767mg that we use as a guide in these posts (as that’s a third of the 2300mg of sodium that it’s suggested you don’t go over). However, there are still options for you to pick. 

Here are the 10 next lowest sodium menu items at Jimmy John’s after the Slim 6 Unwich. You’ll see they are all either the bread-free Unwich, or the smaller Little John, that’s because the bread at Jimmy John’s contains a fair bit of sodium – we’ll talk about that in a second.

Dish Sodium Level
Slim 2 Unwich490mg
Slim 4 Unwich540mg
Little John 2560mg
Little John 4580mg
Little John 6 580mg
Little John 3590mg
Big John Unwich650mg
Little John BLT680mg
The Veggie Unwich690mg
Turkey Tom Unwich700mg

6 Other Ways to Reduce Sodium at Jimmy Johns

Pick Your Bread Carefully

As we said, bread contributes quite a lot to the salt count of the sandwiches at Jimmy Johns – but if you really don’t want to pick a smaller sandwich then the Thick Sliced Wheat bread is the lowest sodium choice followed by the 8oz French bread. Whatever you pick in these will be lower than if you had it served in another bread (but they’re all still pretty high).

Swap Mayo For Oil and Vinegar

Many Jimmy John’s sandwiches come with mayo as standard, swap this to Oil and Vinegar and you’ll lose at least 25mg of sodium on a Little John – and a lot more as the sandwiches get bigger.

Add Chips

If you want a side dish, surprisingly, the chips are the lowest sodium choice – and of the four different options, the Regular Jimmy’s, 180mg of sodium, or the Thinny Chips, 190mg, are your best choice. You probably know this but steer well clear of the Dill Pickle – it might be delicious but it’s also 1710mg of sodium!

Watch Your Freebies

Pick the wrong ones, especially in the large sizes, and you could add a few more hundred mg of sodium to your sandwich. Zero low-sodium choices are onion, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and red pepper flakes, or oregano/basil. Crispy Jalapenos and Oil and Vinegar Dressing will only add another 25mg of sodium to a small sandwich and 45mg to an 8oz one.

Protein Pack Your Unwich

Because it doesn’t use bread, the Unwich is the lowest sodium choice in Jimmy John’s, but, it might leave you feeling hungry, so load up on the zero sodium freebies, but also consider adding some extra protein – add an EZ size serve of Capocollo will add 120mg of sodium or an extra EZ serve of Provolone is just 60mg.

Know Your Add-Ons

Most add over 100mg of sodium to even a Little John sandwich – if you do want to bump things up, pick an EZ serving of the Provolone, the Shaved Parmesan, or the Avocado Spread.

Jimmy John’s on Other Diets

The above is all great if you’re just watching sodium in your diet, but what if you have other dietary needs as well – well we’ve checked the numbers and found the best choices for you too.

Substyle sandwich packed with cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato and cucumber on a yellow background.

The Lowest Sodium, Lowest Saturated Fat Option

The lowest sodium, lowest saturated fat menu item at Jimmy John’s is the Slim 4 (Turkey) Unwich, with just 540mg of sodium and 0 grams of saturated fat. But, as we said before, that might not fill you up so add some extra protein, a side of chips, or, grab a snack of some fruit and yogurt or unsalted nuts later in the day.

The Little John 4 with 1.5 grams of saturated fat and 580mg of sodium probably the better choice. If you ordered the Little John 4 with Regular Jimmy Chips, you’d still only be looking at 760mg of sodium and 4.5 grams of saturated fat.

The Lowest Sodium, Lowest Calorie Option At JJ

If you’re sticking to a low-calorie diet, the Slim 4 Unwich has just 70 calories and 540mg of sodium. That’s way too low for a meal though – a healthy meal is 400-600 calories.

A much better choice would be the Little John 2, which contains 250 calories and 560mg of sodium. Add some extra protein, or, a side of Jimmy Chips to bulk this out and make it a more satisfying meal.

The Lowest Sodium, Lowest Sugar Option At Jimmy John’s

All the Little John and Slim Unwich sandwiches contain 2 grams of sugar or less. 

Some of the Unwich menu items contain less than 1 gram of sugar. When it comes to the best low-sodium, low-sugar choice, your best bet is once again the Slim 6 Unwich (470mg of sodium) – with the normal proviso that it’s not a satisfying meal on its own.

A better option is the Little John 4 with 1 gram of sugar and 580mg of sodium.

The Lowest Sodium Vegetarian/Vegan Option At JJ

Jimmy John’s does offer vegetarians more options than many of the fast food chains we cover in these posts but the lowest sodium vegetarian item you can order is the Slim 6 with 470mg of sodium (yes, that cheese and provolone ‘lettuce wich’ again.)

You might be pleased to hear that you can also order the Regular Jimmy Chips with your sandwich as they are vegetarian-friendly.

Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any vegan options you can order off the main menu. You could order the Veggie Unwich without cheese and mayonnaise though for less than 440 calories and under 690mg of sodium. But you’re going to need to bulk that out with some extra protein and nutrients from somewhere else on your way home.

The Lowest Sodium, Gluten-Free Jimmy John’s Option

There might not be any gluten-free bread options at Jimmy John’s, but thanks to the Jimmy John’s Unwich menu, anyone with gluten intolerance can still enjoy some of the chain’s tasty sandwiches. 

As you may have already read, the Slim 6 (470mg of sodium) is the lowest sodium Unwich item on the JJ menu, and it’s also gluten-free by ingredient. As are the Regular Jimmy Chips (but not some of the other flavors). 

Other popular gluten-free, low-sodium options include the Slim 2 Unwich (490mg of sodium) and the Slim 4 Unwich (540mg of sodium).

However, as there is so much bread at Jimmy John’s there is a risk of cross-contamination so it might not be the best choice for those who are coeliac rather than just avoiding gluten for other reasons.

There you have it, the best low-sodium main menu items at Jimmy John’s. What are you going to order?

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try my best to get back to you!

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