Plate of KFC style fried chicken

How to Eat Low Sodium at KFC

If you’ve decided to keep a closer eye on your sodium, you’re probably wondering what you can and can’t eat at your favorite fast-food restaurants. Today, we will show you what you can order at KFC if you follow a low-sodium diet plan. Plus, we’ve found the options that also combine low sodium with fewer calories, less sugar, less saturated fat, and more.

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Two bean stuffed burritos on a white plate

The Lowest Calorie Taco Bell Options – For Your Eating Plan

In the mood for some tacos but counting your calories? This is not a problem, we’ve found all the lowest calorie options in Taco Bell so you can enjoy all the yummy taco goodies without busting your calorie budget.

And if you’re combining counting calories while also watching fat, controlling sodium, avoiding gluten, or are vegetarian – check out our special section highlighting the best choices for you too.

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