Beefeater Calories: The Lowest Calorie Meal Choices to Pick

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Planning a night out at a Beefeater pub and wondering what you can order and not fall off your slimming wagon – then check out our guide to the Beefeater menu calories – and discover which are the lowest calorie options to choose.

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I admit, I was a bit surprised when I ended up in the Beefeater that sparked me to write this post.

I had taken a few days off to go and see my mum who lives near the New Forest. We went to the Day Spa at Carey’s Manor in the morning, and then, in a true tradition of balance, went out that evening to the pub for dinner.

I thought we were just going to one of the normal independent pubs that thrive near where she lives by the New Forest – so I was a bit surprised to find myself in an outpost of the Beefeater chain.

Now I’ll admit, I didn’t even know Beefeater was still going – there’s not one near where I live so I was quite interested to see what was on offer. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of steak, burgers and ribs but I was quite impressed with the spread of different choices they had… the end I was tossing up between the Veggie Enchiladas and the Linguine with Meatballs….and the Linguine won, and very nice it was too.

At this point though, I realised I hadn’t done one of one of my calorie comparison posts on the Beefeater menu so I logged on the website to see if they have nutritional information and, top marks to them, they do – albeit one of those tiny ones that’s a bit hard to read but, at least it’s there.

So, if you’re going out to Beefeater this evening and want to check out your calories they do mark a few things on the menu as under 600, under 300 or under 150 which helps, but if you fancy seeing a complete list of Beefeater calories then the link you need can be found here.

Or you could just use this handy NYNHB guide to the lowest calorie choices to order and not mess with temptation…

A Quick Guide to Beefeater Calories

On the Starter menu

The absolute lowest calorie choice here are the Soup of the Day offerings which are always under 171 calories – score bonus points if they are serving the Broccoli Soup the day you are there as that’s the lowest at 214.

Other potential low-calorie choices are the…

The Posh Prawn and Lobster cocktail pips the normal Prawn Cocktail to the post with just 320 calories compared to 350 calories for the normal one.

Small Chicken Wings with Piri Piri Sauce – one of those menu surprises, I rejected this thinking it would be super-calorific – but it’s 284 cals

On the Main Menu

Absolute lowest calorie choice as shown is the Beefeater’s House Salad with extra rump steak at an impressively low 278 calories – if that sounds a bit too low, then pick the 8oz rump steak from the Main Menu and have it served with salad rather than chips and it’ll only cost you 380 calories. You can add Triple Peppercorn Sauce for 29 calories.

If you don’t fancy red meat, then pick the Grilled Chicken Caesar salad which is just 462 calories.

Caesar salad

If you don’t go out to eat salad, then plump for the Chicken and Chorizo Pie at 493 calories. The potatoes add a little extra but on the menu it’s marked as one of their under 600 calorie options so it’s still all pretty good

On the Dessert Menu
Hooray for Mini Lemon Drizzle Cake which is just 133 calories – in fact, all their selection of mini desserts are under 300 calories.

Or you could go for the Gin Fizz Sorbet which is 144 calories.

Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Salt and Vegan Beefeater

What if you’re on other types of diet? Whenever I write these posts people ask me about other diets too – so, I scoured the Beefeater nutritional information and in the interests of fairness, here are the best Beefeater healthy options for you too.

Lowest Carb Choices in Beefeater

Starter: The Small Piri Chicken Wings win again with 12.3g carbs, or pick the Wild Caught Canadian Scallops at 17.4g

Main Course: It’s an 8oz steak and salad combo again, but this time you should pick the 8oz Sirloin which has slightly fewer carbs at 5.5g per dish – don’t ask me why that is I have no clue!

Dessert: Surprisingly it’s the mini Baileys Profiteroles with 15.1g

Lowest Fat Choices

Starter: The Soup of the Day options are the lowest in fat.

Main Course: Go for the Beefeater House Salad with either Chicken (8.8g of fat) or the Salad with Tuna Steak at 8.0g.

Dessert: Gin Fizz Sorbet is virtually fat free – just 0.3g

Lowest Salt Choices

Starter: Loaded Potato Dippers have 1.1g of salt

Main Course: Again the House salad with Rump Steak or Salmon are the lowest salt offer at 0.8-9g) but the Chicken and Chorizo Pie at 1.7g or Halibut Fillet at 2.3g with a jacket potato or mixed salad aren’t too bad either.

Dessert: Mixed Berry Pavlova or Chocolate Torte has 0.1g

Are There Any Vegan Options at Beefeater?

Despite the name, there are actually a couple of choices suitable for Vegans on the Beefeater Menu.

For starters: The Leek and Potato, Mushroom, Broccoli and Carrot and Coriander soups of the day are all vegan (and under 170 calories).

For Main Course: They have a Vegan Sloppy Joe Burger (an eek making 1075 calories – and I don’t think that includes the chips) and the Chilli Non-Carne at 786 calories is also vegan.

For Dessert: Try the Gin Fizz (140 calories) or the Coconut Sorbet (233 calories)

So there you go – and don’t forget you can also use the link above to check the nutritional information on anything else you want to eat. Have a nice meal.

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You’ll also find all our listings of the lowest calorie choices at other UK chain resturants in our ‘Calorie Guides category – check them out here, and, if the one you’re looking for isn’t listed, drop us a line in the comments and we’ll see what we can do.

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