The JML Ayvo: Just How Good is This Budget Facial Cleanser Brush?

So, after my nose-vibratingexfoliation with toothbrush‘ experience the other day I have finally managed to purchase batteries and use a proper cleansing brush called the Ayvo.

woman using the Ayvo skincare brush on the side of her face

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Billed as the Clarisonic’s budget rival the JML Ayvo is a rotating brush that you use with your cleanser to get deep down into the pores.

It sounds simple and it is simple – once you realise it takes four batteries not two. I’m telling you this because I spent at least five minutes with no clue about this. I put two AAs in the little holder, placed it back in, switched it on – nothing. Fiddled about. Nothing. Swore a lot. Nothing – then I read the instructions and realised the little holder is double-sided. Don’t make my mistake people,  it makes you frowny and then you need botox alongside your rotating skin brushes.

Once I had power, however, all went swimmingly.

What’s Ayvo Like to Use?


The Ayvo face brush doesn’t cause any of the eye-watering, nose itching or face vibration of my toothbrush exfoliation. It just whizzes nicely on your skin.

I’ve used it three times this week now and my skin seems to like it. One noticeable change was with the large blackhead that took up residence on my forehead a few years ago.

This thing is huge and stubborn, but after my first session, I managed to extract it (sorry). This does leave me with a large hole in my head as it’s been there so long that the pore is stretched, but it’s proof that this does cleanse well.

I’m noticing my nose looks less congested too.

The only downside is that I’m having to apply moisturiser afterwards as it does leave my skin a little tight.

Admittedly for most people, this is not a hardship but a normal part of their day. I am however lazy. Looking on the bright side it’s probably increasing the benefits for my skin.

I can also safely say that using the Ayvo really does make me feel young. Why? Because as I switched it on I had a flashback of my pre-teen years and remembered I had one of these brushes about 30 years ago. It was smaller but exactly the same idea. The only difference is now I’m applying organic carrot cleanser with it, not Anne French Cleansing Milk. They say everything comes back again.

Oh and if like me you just got a flashback about Anne French it is still available. 

So, Should You Buy an Ayvo?

That’s hard to say. On the positive side, it is cleaning my skin thoroughly, and more importantly because I like using it, I’m cleansing my skin more than normal which can only be a good thing.

However what I haven’t yet seen is the glowing radiance and younger-looking skin people claim comes with the Clarisonic – although admittedly it has only been a week.

My gut feeling though is that on younger skin this could be a great addition to your care routine, on skin that’s 40+ it might not be the optimum solution as it is a little drying.

I also don’t think it’s the solution I myself am after.

I want something that makes my skin glow and look vibrant and I’m still lured by the idea that because it uses sonic cleansing the Clarisonic has to have something extra to offer.

But I’m baulking about spending the money on it in case it doesn’t. After all the basic Clarisonic has a three-figure price tag. The Ayvo facial cleanser costs far less, so if the Clarisonic doesn’t make me look like I’m having fortnightly microdermabrasion  I’m going to feel seriously ripped off.

Particularly as for £120 I can actually have a few sessions of microdermabrasion which I know makes my skin look amazing.

Ragdale Hall
Ragdale Hall

The good news is that Ragdale Hall Health Spa have started offering a facial using the Clarisonic which I’m going off to test in a few weeks. Maybe that might help me make a better decision.

In the meantime I’m going to keep up using the Ayvo as, as I say, I’m pretty sure the fact that it means I actually do cleanse my skin can only be a good thing.

2020 Update: Ayvo vs Clarisonic

As I go through and update this blog many years after the original posts were written, it’s fun to see what’s changed in my life. And, after much umming and ahhing, I finally bought a Clarisonic.

It’s great – but I do find it less comfortable to use on my nose than the Ayvo. I have to press quite hard to stop the vibration being annoyingly irritating.

It also dries out my skin – which to be honest, really doesn’t like to be messed with.

In summary, therefore, I think both products are good and do power up your cleansing regime.

Clarisonic gives a deeper cleanse, but is more expensive and a bit more uncomfortable to use – theAyvo face brush seems gentler on the skin and is more cost-effective.

Where to Buy an Ayvo

The official retailer is JML. I have seen products claiming to be the JML Ayvo on other sites, but their price leads me to believe that they might not be the real thing.

If you want a proper Ayvo, buy it from JML directly. Click here to go to the page.

And if you like gadgets that make your beauty routine easier, you need to see the Emjoi Micro Pedi it’s amazing.

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