Is Chocologic Keto-Friendly & Is It Tasty? Your Questions Answered

This blogging lark is really hard. The other week I had to eat three bars of Chocologic chocolate, just to make sure that all of them were as good as the first one. You can thank me later for all my hard research – right now I’m still trying to run off the effects.

three bars of Chocologic no-added sugar Chocolate lined up in a row

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What is Chocologic?

It’s basically a no added sugar chocolate bar.

The USP of the bars in question is that they have between 60-90 percent less sugar than normal, comparable, chocolate bars. Instead they are sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol..

For those not up on their sweeteners de jour, Stevia is a natural no-calorie, no-carbohydrate sweetener made from a plant commonly found in South America. It’s been traditionally used to sweeten foods for years, and a few years ago, it was launched in the UK market as an alternative to artificial sweeteners. Since then it’s been used to cut carb counts and calories in all sorts of products. It’s also suitable for diabetics.

Now, Chocologic are using it in their chocolate bars. 

What Does it Taste Like?

The short answer is really good.

If I hadn’t had a press release and labels proclaiming that this was no added sugar chocolate I wouldn’t have been able to tell – and The Boyfriend, who, for someone who says he’s not a fan of chocolate pulled his weight quite nicely during this particular review, was also a big fan.

There’s three varieties – Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk and Nut – of the three the nut one was my favourite, then the Dark, The Milk was nice but a bit bland compared to the other two. Other Chocologic reviews seem to agree with me – most of them score the Dark chocolate the highest.

How Many Calories, Fat & Carbs Does it Contain?

In you’re interested in how many calories are in Chocologic, it varies slightly depending which variety you consume. So, here’s a quick breakdown of calories, carbs, fat etc so you can see how the three flavours weigh up per four square serving – that’s a sixth of the bar

Milk – 64 cals, 4,8g fat, 4.5g carbs (2.8g sugars)

Dark – 58 cals, 4.8g fat, 2.5g carbs (0.4g sugars)

Milk and Nut – 67 cals, 5.2g fat, 4.2g carbs (sugars 2.8g)

Looks great doesn’t it – the only thing is I defy you eat just four squares.

We ate the whole 80g bar between us in one go – so we could multiply each of the above counts by three. Even then though they are still fewer calories than a Mars Bar so it’s not soooo bad. I’ll just keep telling myself that shall I? Probably should read my own article on ‘how much is a serving‘ again shouldn’tI!

They also now sell Giant Chocolate buttons which have 77 calories for a serving of five for the milk variety and 69 for the Dark ones. I think I’d probably have the same issue trying to restrain myself to just five.

Now, a few questions might appear right now so let’s answer those…

Is Chocologic Vegan?

They only say it’s suitable for vegetarians.

Obviously, the milk version isn’t going to be vegan but I personally can’t see anything obviously non-vegan in the Dark Chocolate, but there may be something subtle about the ingredients that I can’t spot that means it doesn’t class as vegan.

Or it may be because they say it may contain milk (in one of those allergy warnings) which again may cause them to err on the safe side. 

Peta also don’t list it in their Vegan-Chocolate bars – and they do often ‘approve’ things even when the companies are erring on the safe side.

So, I would say maybe avoid just to be super sure.

Is Chocologic Keto-Friendly?

This required me doing some maths (okay, finding  netcarbs calculator online) – but according to that, yes, the Dark Chocolate from Chocologic could work on some keto diets.

A serving of four squares contains 1.9 net carbs per portion and so could easily fit into a keto plan that allows between 20-50 net carbs.

Both stevia and erythitol are among the approved sweeteners on keto and they are the ones Chocologic use, so, I don’t see why it won’t fit into a keto diet – if your plan allows for such things. 

I know when I do keto, I do an extremely strict version where even tomatoes are banned for having too much sugar so it wouldn’t be allowed on that – I need to do one of these kinder keto plans next time I think!

Is Chocologic Suitable for Diabetics?

They say yes. Plus, a bit of independent research says that yes, both stevia and erythitol are okay for diabetics. Obviously, you need to speak to your doctor or nutrition team to know exactly what approach they want you to take re sugar, sweeteners and treats.

Is Chocologic Healthy?

Well. compared to most other chocolate bars yes, yes it is. It’s lower in calories and sugar, and stevia is shaping up to be one of the better sweeteners out there.

Plus, it contains extra fibres like inulin which are actually good for your gut bugs. If you’re not up on your gut health, inulin is a form of prebiotic fibre which means it’s the type of fibre your healthy gut bugs like to eat. The more you keep these happy and fuelled, the more they prosper and basically crowd out bugs with more negative health effects.

As with all chocolate, the darker chocolate is healthier than the milk version.

Frankly, if you want a chocolate treat, the numbers say that this is not a bad one to pick. Yay! 

You’ll find Chocologic bars is supermarkets, or, you can buy them from Amazon and have them delivered to your door.

Here’s where to check out the range – they’ve bought out a new Belgian one since I first wrote this post.

Are There Other Low-Calorie Chocolates Out There?

Why yes, thank you for asking – here’s a couple we’ve also featured…

Hotel Chocolat do a zero-calorie cocoa infusion – which you could refer to as chocolate tea – and frankly, it’s amazing. Find out more here.

Diablo make a no-added-sugar version of a certain hazelnut chocolate spread that is a little bit more moreish than is good for you! See my review on that here.

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  1. I love this chocolate – I don’t have to eat low sugar for health reasons but…. I just prefer the taste. My problem is I can’t always find it in the shops.


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