Is Nature’s Cereal Healthy? Should You Really Start Your Day with This TikTok Trend?

For those of you not on TikTok, Nature’s Cereal is the latest cool thing to eat first thing in the morning. First talked about by plant-loving TikToker Wayne Mears aka @nature’s_food – it then went viral when superstar singer Lizzo tried a bowl and liked it – a lot – but, is it actually a good way to start your day? We investigated…

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savoury oatmeal idea with tomato, egg and spring onions served in a white bowl

Have You Tried Savoury Porridge? Here’s 10 Delicious Ideas to Start Your Day

If like me, you normally eat your porridge/oatmeal with a bit of fruit on top, maybe some honey, yoghurt or maple syrup if you’re feeling particularly excited, then I have news. We’ve been missing out. The hottest trend in porridge (yes, there are porridge trends) is to top your oaty concoction with savoury goodies – …

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