How to Cut Carbs with Fruit & Veg: 33 Interesting Low-Carb Food Swaps To Try

If  you want to cut carbs, then swapping some common dinner ingredients like bread, rice and pasta with fruits and vegetables is a great way to get started. Now, you might have already heard about a few low-carb food swaps  along these lines – ie making spaghetti type noodles from courgettes (or zucchini, depending where …

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Is Nature’s Cereal Healthy? Should You Really Start Your Day with This TikTok Trend?

For those of you not on TikTok, Nature’s Cereal is the latest cool thing to eat first thing in the morning. First talked about by plant-loving TikToker Wayne Mears aka @nature’s_food – it then went viral when superstar singer Lizzo tried a bowl and liked it – a lot – but, is it actually a …

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soup made from miso and shirataki noodles

What Are Shirataki ‘No Calorie’ Noodles? All Your Questions Answered

If you’re on a low carb diet and miss noodles and pasta, or are just watching the calories and so are cutting back on carby portions, behold shirataki noodles – also known as no-calorie noodles – your new best friend. But what exactly are shirataki made from? How many calories do they contain? Are they …

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