Is Instant Coffee Healthy or Bad For You? – You Might Be Surprised

While instant coffee may seem to have fallen out of favour in recent years, not only is it still incredibly popular in many countries, it’s having a comeback after the ‘you know what’ made people a bit more reticent about hitting up their local coffee shop but perhaps didn’t have room, or want to splash …

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two wheat biscuits in a bowl with milk and orange juice

Is Weetabix Healthy? Is it Good for Weight Loss? Your Questions Answered

It’s been a staple breakfast for hundreds of thousands of people for many years, but is it actually as good for us as we think. We put the tasty breakfast bikkies under the nutritional microscope to decide – is Weetabix healthy, or not? What is Weetabix? Weetabix is breakfast cereal made by the company Weetabix …

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What Are Nutritional Yeast Flakes? Our Quick Guide Explains Everything.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, then you’ve probably heard about nutritional yeast flakes – and there’s also a good chance you’ve also wondered what the heck nutritional yeast flakes actually are? And why does everyone keep telling you to consume them? We have those answers and more – and we also explain why you might …

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