UK Pub Calories: What’s the Lowest Calorie Meal in Your Local?

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If you’re off to the pub for lunch while on a diet or trying to watch your calories, two things can happen – you can think all bets are off and just order whatever sounds good, or, you can try and work out what the lowest calorie dish is on the menu – but, in the world of  pub calories, this isn’t always easy – does the mash of the sausage and mash have butter in? How much sugar or fat is in the salad dressing and does it actually make it higher in calories than the chips? So, at this point, you probably want to know the calorie counts of the meals on the menu.

Burger, wings and a pint of beer a typical lunch in the local pub

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Now, the good news is – a lot of this information on pub food calories is out there – if you just know where to look. And that’s where this post comes in. Want to know Brewer’s Fayre calories, Ember Inn calories, calories in Slug and Lettuce or All Bar One, we have them…in fact, this post helps you find the calorie counts for each of the major British pub chains – and, to help you resist temptation, I’ve also pinpointed the lowest calorie main course you can order.

All Bar One

Say they are happy to provide their nutritional information and you will find a full list of All Bar One calories on their website if you click here.  

You do have to do a little bit of maths this one as sides and additions are all listed seperately.

In theory, it looks like the Smoked Haddock and Mustard Fishcakes with a house salad are the lowest calorie dish – (the fishcakes have 370 calories) but, I can’t tell if the House Salad is the same as the Mixed Salad, which has quinoa and rice in it and so would add 191 calories to that – you might want to check with your server.

If it is the quinoa and friends option, then you might want to stick to the Moroccan Squash Salad at 429 calories or the Supergreen Laksa at 460.


Beefeater do offer a full list of the calories on their menu which you can find here – and they also mark their under 600, 300 and 150 calorie options which is great.

In terms of the lowest calorie items – check out this post I wrote on that which lists the lowest calorie starters, mains and desserts – and even gives some info for those on other types of diets too (including whats on offer in Beefeater for vegans)

Brewer’s Fayre

The lowest calorie dish on the Brewer’s Fayre menu is the Half Roast Chicken with a salad at 436 calories – but they actually have quite a few options under 500 calories that sound pretty good.

You could have Chicken Forestiere or Baked Cod Loin with a Side Salad or the Ploughman’s Salad is only 483 calories – even though it has cheese.

If you want to find the full list of Brewer’s Fayre calories, then click here. 

Chef and Brewer

The lowest calorie main course is would be a the Seabass Fillet served with a side salad at just 180 calories.

If you fancy something else though, they do list everything on the menu – and I like the fact that they itemise the side dishes seperately – so I now know I save about 300 Chef and Brewer calories if I choose a side of mash or jacket potato over the chips.

Click here to see all the calories for Chef and Brewer.

Ember Inns

This is a new addition since I last updated this post in 2017.

My old local when I lived in England was an Ember Inn and it used to drive me nuts that I couldn’t find the calories considering how often I ate there, so well done Ember Inns. 

The lowest calorie dish as served is the Wholefood Freekah Salad at 366 calories, but the Pad Thai isn’t far behind at 394 – I was also suprised by the Beef and Red Wine Lasagne which comes in a 591.

It’s not the lowest thing on the menu, but it’s one of the lowest calorie lasagnes I spotted among the pubs. The Vegan Lasagne (sadly, not the one below, I just wanted to gaze at lasagne for a few minutes!) is even lower at 424.

If you want to find the full list of Ember Inns calories though click here. 

Vegetarian lasagne on a white plate

Flaming Grill

Flaming Grill pubs are part of the Greene King pub chain and they do have an under 600 calorie section on their menu – however, when it comes to checking the other items on the menu, if there is a list of Flaming Grill nutritional information, I can’t find it.

They used to publish it – the links are there, but they now going to error pages or frustratingly, have headlines, but no clickable links. That might mean they will come back though so, just in case, this is where they did list the Flaming Grill calories. 


List absolutely all their calories although you have to click around a bit to work your way through the menu.

To save you doing that, your lowest option on the Mains menu without having to make any swaps on the menu is the Plain Feel Good Salad at 307 calories (adding chicken takes it up to just 380).

If you have willpower and can pick the 77 calorie Steamed Vegetables or the 37 cal chargrilled broccoli as your side, then go for the Pulled Beef Chilli at 328 calories, the Simply Chicken 253 calories or a 4oz rump steak at 190.

Find the full list of Harvester calories here.

Hungry Horse

Have a selection of dishes under 600 calories listed on the menu itself (my choice would be the lasagne) but they also have a full list of all the Hungry Horse menu calories here.

Marston’s Pubs

Offer a range of dishes at under 500 or 600 calories, but, they do also have a full list of nutritional information on their website for some pubs.

To find it, you have to go to the pub you want to visit using this pub finder,

If the pub has a website it will tell you, click on that and then click on the menu – and then you’ll see some boxes underneath – and, if you’re lucky, one olf them will tell you the Marstons nutritional information. You then download this on a PDF.

Not all pubs have this option and because all of these PDFs are targeted to the individual pubs, I wouldn’t like to definitively say what the best choice is for Marstons Pub calories – but at least they do mark some levels of the menus which will steer you in the right direction. 

Sizzling Pubs

You’ll find a full list of the Sizzling Pubs menu calories on the menus section of their website. Click here to go straight to it. 

When you’re checking the numbers do watch out as you have to add your sides seperately – I got very excited by the 401 calories Chicken Tikka Masala until I realised that didn’t include the Basmati Rice (although it only adds 246 calories so still not too bad).

From what I can work out, the lowest calorie option is the Scampi with a Mixed Salad which seems to be a fabulous 244 calories – or, my choice would be the Shepherds Pie at 392 (without chips).

shepherds pie in a white bowl - a traditional pub lunch in the UK

Again, it’s not this one, but how good does Shepherd’s Pie sound now?

Slug and Lettuce

They do have a full list of calories for all their menu – but it’s a bit tricky to compare the dishes against each other.

You’ll find the Slug and Lettuce calories list here.

When you get to the page, choose the time of day you’re eating to bring up the menu and then click on the little i icon and it will bring up a version with the calories on it.

The absolute lowest calorie option is the plain Super Mixed Salad at 390 calories. If you don’t fancy that, try the Pesto Linguine at 487.

Love eating out at the High Street Chains like Bella Italia or Giraffe? Check out our guide to where to find their calorie counts and their lowest dishes to pick on their menus in this post. 

Toby Carvery

List everything, but if you’re going for a Carvery meal you might want to take a print out as every single choice is listed individually so you’re going to need to do some maths – a good start though is to pick the turkey.

To find the full list of Toby Carvery calories click here. 

Vintage Inns

This is a chain of country based pubs

You’ll find a full list of Vintage Inns calories on their website, but if you’re in a hurry, then the Aromatic Duck Salad is your best bet from the Main Dishes. It’s just 337 calories.


Actually print the calories on the menu – and in very small print, also include booze calories too. Good news, a pint of Bud Light only has 152 calories!

Foodwise though, your lowest option on the under 500 calorie menu is the Jacket Potato with Roasted Vegetables at 383 calories. The Teriyaki noodles are a close second at 389 calories.

If you fancy planning before you go out, you’ll find the Wetherspoons calories list here.


They have a full list of calories for the menu.

As with Slug and Lettuce, to use the list of Yates calories, you’ll need to choose when you’re eating then click on the little i icon to find the calories.

The lowest option on the normal pub menu is the Chicken and Bacon Topped salad at 367 calories, on the Lunch Club menu, the Jacket Potato with Baked Beans adds up to 474.

So, there you have it – a full list of where to find pub calories for all the major UK chains (unless I’ve forgotten anyone in which case let me know and I’ll hunt).

These posts are very hard to keep updated as many of the pubs change their menu seasonally and add and remove a few things meaning that the pub food calories also change –  so if you spot a link that doesn’t work any more please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to update things.

If you’re also interested in the lowest calorie offerings at many of the UK restaurant chains – like Wagamama, Leon, Greggs or Nandos, then have a look at our Calorie Guides section where you’ll find details on exactly what to order at your favourites. 

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