WheyHey Protein Ice Cream – it’s A-whey-zing

Bless the Dalai Dairy or the Baby Cheeses or whoever the higher power is in charge of giving people good ideas reforming milk proteins into yumminess for she (let’s face it, this has to be a woman) has helped someone create a miracle.

It’s called WheyHey (see what they did there) and it is ice cream with no added sugar (they use xylitol for sweetening) and extra whey protein which makes it more like to fill you up than the normal sugar stuffed stuff.

The idea came about when one of the founders saw his mum eating frozen yoghurt and decided to create a lower-sugar sweet snack for her to enjoy. Because the developers were also coaches to elite athletes they were also looking for ways to increase protein in their client’s diets – and boom, WheyHey was born.

Whey Hey Nutrition

A small pot of WheyHey supplies about 15g of protein per 100ml (compared to the circa 4g in normal ice cream) which is the same amount as in a 70g chicken breast.

In terms of calories, it’s roughly 180 for an individual tub. Fat, 2g of saturates per 100ml – that’s about 15 per cent of the calories, so not too bad.

What Does Whey Hey Taste Like?

It’s divine, particularly the vanilla one which tastes like proper creamy ice cream – and unlike most sugary snacks it leaves you really, really full.

I had a half a tub yesterday after lunch and the rest about 2 hours later (stomach and willpower are two different systems in my body) and wasn’t that hungry by 7pm. I’m impressed.

Seems I’m not the only one: Not only did Sir Richard Branson invest in the company, celebrities like model David Gandy (also an investor), and singer Harry Stiles are apparently WheyHey fans!

Any Downsides?

The downside is the price – it’s pretty expensive for a very small pot. Although I suppose it does mean it’ll keep it at treat time only.

Where to Buy Whey Hey Ice Cream?

You’ll find it in Asda, Morrisons and some service stations.



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