Reviewed: Why I Was So Shocked by The Enlite Bra from Lululemon

Ad Gifted: Warning. What you are about to read may shock you.

Regular readers of this blog know that I am not a fan of pricey sportswear. I don’t wear ‘activewear’, I have running kit or gym kit. The phrase ‘athleisure’ brings me out in a rash and don’t even get me started on Sportsluxe. The day I go out for coffee in something that looks like I should wear it to spinning class is….well, I don’t know what is as it simply won’t happen.

woman skipping wearing the Enlite bra from Lululemon

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As such, I don’t normally worship at the lycra-clad altar of brands like Lululemon, in fact, I tend to steer well clear – but a few weeks ago, I noticed something; people weren’t just talking about a new Lululemon sports bra they were raving about it.

In fact, the Enlite bra from Lululemon was being called the best sports bra ever made. As I read the fifth Enlite bra review saying how fab it was, I decided I needed to try it too.

The Lululemon Enlite Reviewed

Fact is, I don’t do well buying new sports bras – they are either completely unsupportive or so restrictive or fiddly to put on I’ve actually got stuck in a few while trying them on in a changing room.

The result of this is some of my sports bras are older than my nephew (and he’s not exactly in nappies!).

During a rare brave moment, I, therefore, plucked up the courage to ask the nice Lululemon people if I could try the bra of glowing praise.

A few days later it arrived, wrapped in tissue paper – and it was purple; my favourite colour. Oh, talk about stacking the decks in your favour!

Enlite lululemon sports bra stiill life

The day came to put it on. I was only going out for a short run and so decided to give it a try.

I was expecting problems so figured I could put up with any discomfort for half an hour.

I picked it up out of the tissue paper and my first thought was, it’s very strokey. The fabric is remarkably soft.

My second thought was ‘oh no, it has criss-crossy straps, I’m going to be stuck in the bathroom for twenty minutes trying to work out what arm goes where and then have to call The Boyfriend for help.’

I was wrong. Very wrong. It literally just slips on. And then it does up. There’s no twisting, turning, fighting with straps, hooks, eyes or anything else that can get in the way or lead you to having to skip arm day for a week.

It seems so stupid to say that, but I have literally fought so hard with sports bras to get them on before I’ve pulled a muscle.

Now, admittedly, when a sports bra goes on this easily, it normally means it doesn’t actually hold your boobs in place. But the Lululemon sports bra hasn’t had a team of designers working on it for two years for it to not control any bouncing.

I stood in front of the mirror and jumped up and down. Literally, nothing moved. I was seriously amazed.

Wearing the Enlite on a Run

Thirty minutes of running later nothing had changed in my opinion nor had anything rubbed, chafed, restricted my movement or done anything else that might make me throw my new purple possession into the pile of sports kit only used when everything else is in the wash.

It was a warm day and so the bra was sweaty, yet getting it off was as simple as putting it on had been.

Oh, the joy.

What it Looks Like On a Real Human!

I wore it again on a 14km run and it performed just as well. And, while I’m never going to run without a top over it, it’s also really flattering.

Everything stayed in, no fat bits squished out the back or sides, compared to the one I ran in today that made me look like the marshmallow man from behind, it’s positively beautiful.  

I admit I’m gobsmackingly impressed.

In fact, I was so impressed, when I had to be photographed just in a cropped top for a newspaper to show the before and after effects of a diet I was testing a while back, I wore it – and, while I look six months pregnant and about 74 (which is why my head is cropped off) in the before picture below – the bra actually stands up pretty well! 

When I first wrote this review, I was curvy but thin and running 14km for fun – then I got injured and couldn’t run for 14 minutes. Result: About a 7kg weight gain! I hate every kilo of it, but the bra still made me feel good enough to bare my stomach in a newspaper. Oh – and, that also proves I still have it.

I’ve also worn it to Pilates and it works well there too. I’ve sports bras before that have been brilliant to run in, but had clasps or catches that made them really uncomfortable when lifting weights or lying down. but this has no such problems.

I really do think it’s the best sports bra I own.

And I’m not alone, every review I’ve seen on Enlite has said it’s fantastic – I also met another journalist the other day who’d tried it, again, she’s also not someone who usually buys expensive kit and she too was astounded by how good it was.

We actually sat in a cafe talking about ‘activewear’ – I’m very much hoping this is not the start of a slippery slope!

The Downside

Now, the one downside is the price – over here in Australia Enlite is $98, in the UK it retails at £78 – I don’t think I could bring myself to spend that on something I’m going to sweat on but this might explain why I always have so many problems buying sports bras!.

Fact is, I honestly didn’t think when I asked to try out Enlite that I would love it. In fact, I was sure it was going to be the sports bra equivalent of ‘all talk, no action’ – but, genuinely I Lulu-love it.

Facts and Figures

The Enlite sports bra is classed as a high impact bra, suitable for running and the original style comes in sizes 32D to 38DD. It goes up to an E cup.

They also now do the Enlite with a zip front. This one starts at a 32A and goes up to a 40DD.

Oh and that strokey fabric is called Ultralu is trademarked to them. It’s designed to be breathable, wickable and moulds to the body so it doesn’t rub or chafe. 

If you want to check prices and colours of either bra, click over to their website. 


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  1. Sounds great, the creators actually threw out the rule book on sports bras and started from scratch from a needs and wants list – might be why it’s so ground breaking!


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