blue alarm clock on a white plate showing when it's time to break a fast

Does MCT Oil Break a Fast?

If you’re fasting to improve health or weight loss you might be wondering exactly what constitutes breaking your fast – and whether certain foods class as fast breakers or not? Well, we’re going to cover them in our ‘what breaks a fast’ series – and we’ll start with a super trendy addition to many people’s …

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many different coloured cups full of coffee

Does Coffee Cause Gas? And How to Fix It If It Does

Coffee is one of the most consumed substances in the world – and contrary to what some people will have you believe, it’s not generally bad for your health – in fact, it’s pretty good. But, if you’re getting bloating after drinking coffee, you might be wondering does coffee cause gas or is something else …

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woman lying on beach in sun

Why Does the Sun Make You Grumpy?

The sun is out – I repeat. The Sun Is Out. This alone is worth of entire blog post as it’s so rare here in the UK at the moment (and it’s best I stop that little bit of ranting now). However, some of you might not be happy about this news. In fact, you …

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