Haramaki - the scarf for your middle

What is a Haramaki? The Health Benefits (and more) Explained

The Haramaki is the health accessory you didn’t know you needed. The first winter I came across a Japanese haramaki, I mentioned it in pretty much every single publication I work for this winter as I was amazed at it’s effect and it become one of, if not THE, favourite products I’d tried that year. …

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Edible Flowers: Are They Healthy? Are They Safe? Our Guide Tells All

(ad-gifted) Edible flowers are making health news at the moment. Researchers in China analysed some of the flowers used in traditional cooking there and found they have very high levels of phenolic compounds linked to better health and a reduced risk of conditions like heart disease and cancer. But, if you want to harness these …

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soup made from miso and shirataki noodles

What Are Shirataki ‘No Calorie’ Noodles? All Your Questions Answered

If you’re on a low carb diet and miss noodles and pasta, or are just watching the calories and so are cutting back on carby portions, behold shirataki noodles – also known as no-calorie noodles – your new best friend. But what exactly are shirataki made from? How many calories do they contain? Are they …

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