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What is Hara Hachi Bu: Three Healthy Japanese Words You Need to Know

Hara Hachi Bu. Three short words that can have a big impact on your health. In rough translation, they mean ‘eat until you are eight parts full’. In other words, do not leave the table groaning with pain because you’ve crammed in everything on your plate, get up when you’ve got room for more (top …

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What is Kaizen? And Could it Make Weight Loss Easier?

It’s not often I compare myself to a Toyota truck, today is an exception. You see there’s a Japanese business theory that, while commonly used to speed up production in places like the Toyota factory, works just as well applied to our minds and bodies. It’s called Kaizen and the theory behind it is that …

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How to Take a Gratitude Walk – And Feel Happier Today

Looking for a way to make your daily walk more interesting – and also improve your mood, and even potentially your overall mental health? We have it, it’s called a Gratitude Walk and all you need to do it is a pair of walking shoes – and for our version, your camera phone. This post …

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The Best Dry January Tips (aka the Sober October Survival Guide)

One in ten of every people in the UK give up drinking for the month of January. That’s huge, considering how miserable the month is there. If you miss out on the January push you could also try Feb Fast, Dry July or Sober October (Ocsober) – whenever you choose to take your month off …

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