Taco Bell sign on the background of bright blue sky with a palm tree next to it

The Lowest Calorie Taco Bell Options – For Your Eating Plan

In the mood for some tacos but counting your calories? This is not a problem, we’ve found all the lowest calorie options in Taco Bell so you can enjoy all the yummy taco goodies without busting your calorie budget.

And if you’re combining counting calories while also watching fat, controlling sodium, avoiding gluten, or are vegetarian – check out our special section highlighting the best choices for you too.

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The High Fat Diet Was On TV

I can’t believe this happened a few weeks ago and I didn’t tell you guys about it. I was sitting on the sofa watching Scream Queens the other Monday when a message flashed up on Facebook. ‘The High Fat Diet is on Channel Four’ said my friend Sally. ‘What my High Fat Diet, the actual …

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It’s Book Publication Day

Cue rush to local WH Smith’s at lunchtime to get embarrassing gurning photo (that’s my excited face). I would have had more books behind me but they’d sold some – yay. Oh and I have a new game for you – as of Monday, there will be The High Fat Diet posters going up in …

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