Plate of konjac noodles being picked up with chopsticks

Slendier Noodles Review: Why These Are The Best No-Calorie Noodles So Far

I’ve tried a few types of ‘no-cal’ noodles on here so I wasn’t that excited when I heard that Slendier,  ANOTHER brand was launching here – but then friends in Australia, where the brand originated, started raving about them and so I figured I’d best give them a try. And I’m really glad I did. …

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Douvall’s Argan Oil Review – Why it Totally Surprised Me

Beauty products aren’t normally surprising. Normally, they are, at most, interesting, sometimes they’re sticky let downs – but Douvall’s Argan Oil was different; The story goes as follows… Douvall’s is a company set up by a woman called Alicia Douvall. She’s an ex-glamour model and best known in the UK for having a LOT of …

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