quinoa salad with tomato yellow pepper and parsley

Does Quinoa Cause Gas? And How to Stop It If It Does.

If you’re starting a healthy eating regime, you might have swapped some of your normal side dishes like rice or pasta for quinoa – but, if doing so has also led to an increase in feelings of bloating or gas you might be wondering if your new healthy addition is behind this – and if quinoa causes gas. So let us explain.

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Can You Eat Gluten Free at Greggs?

Admittedly, with all the bread, pastry and cakes to behold, Greggs might not be your first stop if you’re avoiding gluten for some reason, but if you do need to eat there for some reason, is there anything gluten-free at Greggs that you can eat – and, most importantly, do Greggs do a gluten-free sausage …

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Does Lemon Water Break a Fast?

If you’re trying an approach like intermittent fasting where you leave a long break between the last meal of your day and the first meal the next, you might be wondering what, if anything, you can consume in between and still get the health benefits fasting is said to provide. In this series, we’re looking …

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