Plate of KFC style fried chicken

How to Eat Low Sodium at KFC

If you’ve decided to keep a closer eye on your sodium, you’re probably wondering what you can and can’t eat at your favorite fast-food restaurants. Today, we will show you what you can order at KFC if you follow a low-sodium diet plan. Plus, we’ve found the options that also combine low sodium with fewer calories, less sugar, less saturated fat, and more.

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Serving of crab legs on a silver plate

The 10 Best Low-Sodium Dishes At Red Lobster

Eating out if you’re keeping a close eye on your salt intake can be hard, and, in places like Red Lobster, where you’re creating yummy combos, the maths can almost make your head hurt. But don’t worry, Red Lobster does have low-sodium meal options, and we’ve done the calculations that help you find them. Read on to find all the best low-sodium dishes at Red Lobster for you to pick from.

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