A2 milk

What is A2 Milk (and Can it Really Beat Bloating)

A2 milk sounds like it should come from magic cows. It’s a different type of milk that it’s claimed can help reduce bloating and other digestive symptoms. But do you know what it actually is? We explain…. What is A2 Milk? Disappointingly, A2 milk is not from magic cows, it’s milk from normal cows – …

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What the Heck Are Wheatberries? And Are They Good For You?

I was happily munching through today’s lunch of crabsticks, tomato, beetroot and M&S Wheatberries and Giant Couscous salad – when I suddenly realised that I don’t actually know what wheatberries are. I can tell you that they look kind of like pinenuts and have a similar texture to pearl barley – but other than that …

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The Mug Diet

What is The Mug Diet? And Why You Probably Shouldn’t Try It

I was reading the papers yesterday and in Style mag, I came across a tiny mention of something called The Mug Diet. Their synopsis; ‘if it doesn’t fit in a mug, don’t eat it.’ Sorry, is this actually a thing? Is anyone really doing this? A quick google determined that yes, yes it is – …

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