What the Heck Are Wheatberries? And Are They Good For You?

I was happily munching through today’s lunch of crabsticks, tomato, beetroot and M&S Wheatberries and Giant Couscous salad – when I suddenly realised that I don’t actually know what wheatberries are. I can tell you that they look kind of like pinenuts and have a similar texture to pearl barley – but other than that …

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The Mug Diet

What is The Mug Diet? And Why You Probably Shouldn’t Try It

I was reading the papers yesterday and in Style mag, I came across a tiny mention of something called The Mug Diet. Their synopsis; ‘if it doesn’t fit in a mug, don’t eat it.’ Sorry, is this actually a thing? Is anyone really doing this? A quick google determined that yes, yes it is – …

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