Why Frozen Bread Makes You Bloat – And How to Stop It

If you’ve ever found that you experience bloating after eating bread, don’t assume that it’s common culprits like wheat or gluten in the bread. If you’re eating toast or sandwiches from bread that has been frozen, the issue could be resistant starch that forms when you freeze bread. Here’s what you need to know…

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plate of bacon, eggs and avocado

Reviewing the Educogym Plan: Why It’s Tough but Brilliant!

January the 9th 2013 changed my life. Fed up with constantly trying to lose the same half a stone, I decided I needed to try something new – the Educogym diet. That day, therefore, saw me wandering wide-eyed (and wide-hipped) into the underground gym of Educogym Harley Street in London. Today, January 23rd I weigh …

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