seven minute workout

Can You Really Get Fit in Seven-Minutes? The 7-Minute Workout Explained

I love testing things I see in the newspapers – there was the happy morning I spent practising trying to stand up from a seated position without moving my hands (supposed to determine how long you’ll live)… this morning I was lounging about catching up with the week’s news and I spotted this….the seven-minute workout …

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Hip or Bra? What’s The Best Place to Wear A Pedometer.

Using a pedometer to count your steps is one of the easiest ways to stay active. It tracks what you’re doing when you’re nipping to the shops, doing a proper power walk or wandering about with your natty umbrella past a wheat field like our model below. Newer style watch-like pedometers only have one way …

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What Does HARM Stand For?

Most people who exercise regularly know that if you get an injury, you treat it using the acronym RICE (and if you don’t know about that, scan down). However, the other night I was at the launch for a new product for pain and the speaker GP Dr Roger Henderson, was also talking about another …

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woman going into bridge pose lying on a pink mat

The Simple Tweak That Helps You Beat Hamstring Cramp with Bridge Pose

If there’s one exercise that will make you feel like you’re working your way to a flatter tummy it’s this one depicted below. Now, depending on whether you are a Pilates woman or a yoga queen you will refer to these, respectively, as Pelvic Curls, or Bridge Pose. If you’re one neither of those things, …

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Woman in plank exercise pose

5 Brilliant Tips That Will Help You Hold a Plank Longer

This week I discovered I have an exercise nemesis – and its name is the Plank. Those of you with naturally flat stomachs may not have experienced this muscle-led instrument of torture, but basically, it involves balancing horizontally on the floor held up on your elbows and toes while pulling your tummy in (there’s a …

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