Girl wiping sweat away with towel

When Can You Exercise After Microblading?

The other day a personal trainer I know was confused. She had signed up a new client, but they had asked if they could just put their sessions on hold for a few weeks as they were having her eyebrows microbladed. This confused said trainer as she couldn’t work out why eyebrows might stop a …

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Skinade Review: How Does it Compare to Pure Gold Collagen

I was recently offered the chance to review Skinade collagen drink – and frankly, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Specifically, they were interested in finding out what I thought about Skinade drink vs Pure Gold Collagen – another collagen drink I’d tried in the past and quite liked. As with any sponsored post I …

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when botox goes wrong

How to Avoid a Botox Mistake

Yesterday I read a story that said having Botox might make you look more stupid (as apparently, people think those whose eyes crinkle are more intelligent). Today I’m reading one (contradicting past beliefs) that because it inhibits the full range of movement when you smile, having anti-wrinkle jabs might also make you more depressed. I’m therefore …

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how to find a good botox doctor

5 Steps to Help You Find a Great Botox Doctor

If you want good Botox, you have to find a good Botox doctor – Botox’s ability to make you look good is only as good as the talent and experience of the person wielding the needle. So, here’s a few tips to help you find someone. This post contains affiliate links and I get a …

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