Woman in plank exercise pose

5 Brilliant Tips That Will Help You Hold a Plank Longer

This week I discovered I have an exercise nemesis – and its name is the Plank. Those of you with naturally flat stomachs may not have experienced this muscle-led instrument of torture, but basically, it involves balancing horizontally on the floor held up on your elbows and toes while pulling your tummy in (there’s a …

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I’d like to thank the Academy…..

I’m very excited today. It seems I have been nominated for an award. The Guild of Health Writers award for Best Consumer Weekly Feature to be precise – for a piece I wrote for the British magazine Stylist. Considering the last thing I won was…..ummmmm, nothing ever….I’m not holding out much hope (especially as my …

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What is the WDW Goofy Challenge: And Should You Run It?

A long time ago in a land far, far away (let’s call it New Zealand) I was quite a serious runner. Not a fast runner, but a persistent one. In the years I lived there I ran 20+ half marathons, one marathon……and something called the Goofy Challenge. This takes place each year, at Walt Disney …

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